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    nikon d3000 offboard camera flash

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I have a nikon d3000 and £100 to spend does anybody know if this sync cable will work with my camera? Also which of these flashes would be better? Metz 24 AF-1...
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    Need a little help nikon d3000

    Hey guys, i'm after a little advice here. I have a Nikon D3000 camera but i just have the standard 18-55mm lens and the built in flash. Basically i have about £100 to spend on my camera, what would be the best thing to buy with my money? a lens or a flash? or filters? any advice is appreciated...
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    new here with a few pictures :)

    Hey guys, been a member on here for a little while but never really posted before. I'm pretty new to photography but i really enjoy doing it so thought i'd show you a few of my photos :D
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    brand new polaroid 636

    if you like retro cameras this is worth a look? polaroid 636 bnib NEVER BEEN USED on eBay (end time 16-Jan-10 13:36:45 GMT)