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    500 meter candid family shot!

    Great photo. It kept me interested for a nice while. :)
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    Wenge Guitar

    Absolutely beautiful work.
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    I Shot Myself

    I think this is really cool. So many different textures. :)
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    Thanks for the comments. LaFoto you are right there wasn't much light when I took this and I'll keep your tip in mind. Thanks. :D
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    Rose Series

    Beautiful photos. I like the last one most although they are all great. :)
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    Mail Order Bride

    Haha! :lol: This is great!
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    Hi everyone. I haven't visited here in a long time so I thought I could stop by. I figured that the best way to start posting again is to share a photo. :) So here goes, my cat Koda:
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    the perfect couple

    Oh oh hehehe.... :blushing: Very funny clip! :mrgreen:
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    A 'celebrity' portrait

    Wow, that is wonderful! Very well done.
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    My latest drawing :)

    Hi Aga! Nice to see you again. :D And thank you for the kind comment. :blushing:
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    If you're still Bored...

    I got 40 :mrgreen:
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    Fun With Construction Paper. YAY!

    Very nice idea and outcome! :)
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    My latest drawing :)

    Thanks Hertz. :) I might not post so often, but I read a lot. ;)
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    My latest drawing :)

    Thanks guys. :)
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    Long exp along esplanade

    That is cool! Pretty purple lights. :)
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    My latest drawing :)

    Thanks ferny! :D :hug:: Yup you are right, it is him. Good guess! Now I know I was on the right tracks. :greenpbl: Oh and sorry for the big mark on the cheek. :blushing:
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    Go Xmetal!!

    Happy 1000! :D
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    My latest drawing :)

    I haven't taken photos so much lately, but here is a drawing. :) Guess who? :D
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    Drawing of a model

    That is very nice. Good job! :)
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    I'm excited.

    Clothes? :)