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  1. Dave NY

    Hummingbird Moth

    This little guy finally showed up this year. It only comes to the Domestic Pink Flox in our yard when they are out.
  2. Dave NY

    Montezuma Trip 1

    Went to Montezuma yesterday and got some shots. Not that many birds there yet but that should change in the next week or so, plenty to see and photograph still. I go tons of shots, below are some of the better ones. I am no expert on flowers or birds so any help in identifying is greatly...
  3. Dave NY

    Tiger Swallowtail I believe

    I couldn't get this one to open it's wings for a better shot. How does it look in general?
  4. Dave NY

    Unknown Butterfly

    I only know 1 Butterfly, the Monarch. Can someone identify this guy for me, It didn't like me getting too close, about 15 feet was the limit.
  5. Dave NY

    Great Blue Heron

    Got a few shots of this guy yesterday
  6. Dave NY

    Purple Finch

    Just got this shot, right before rain moving in, of a purple finch.
  7. Dave NY

    Finger Lakes Sunset

    This was taken with my Samsung S20 this evening. I love the landscapes in the Southern Finger Lakes.
  8. Dave NY

    Adding EXIF data to export in Darktable similar to Watermark

    Hello all, I have searched and cannot find a way to add certain EXIF data to an export out of Darktable. Does anyone know how to do this? I have watched several You Tube videos on exporting from Darktable and on Presets and styles but haven't found what I am looking for.
  9. Dave NY

    Thee Moon, a Sparrow and a Seagull

    I thought I might try to get some shots at the Moon very early this AM, most didn't come out worth a Darn, but 1 did, I suppose like all types of photography there is a nack to it which I have 't got. Then went back to Seneca Lake and got some more shots there trying to get birds in flight...
  10. Dave NY

    Grackle and Chippy

    A Grackle (I believe) and Chippy. Chippy won't be around long so I wanted to get some pics before his departure. Chippy is going to be live trapped and relocated to a new home on over 11,000 acres of wilderness nearby.
  11. Dave NY

    Sailboat on Seneca Lake

    A Sailboat on Seneca Lake taken with new Sigma Lens. This sailboat was a long ways out in the lake but I loved how the wind was making it list to the left.
  12. Dave NY

    Guess what flower this is and win a prize

    Guess what this flower is and win a prize, really.
  13. Dave NY

    Hardest Wildlife you have photographed

    OK, what is the hardest wildlife you have photographed and why? Was it that special Whitetail Deer that you just got glimpses of every now and then, or that coyote that you would see every now and then? What did you do to finally get the shot you wanted?
  14. Dave NY

    Seagulls at Cayuga Lake

    Went to Taughannock Park yesterday and spent some time takin photos of boats, birds, etc. and wanted your opinions on what you think. Please give me your honest opinions.
  15. Dave NY

    Editing RAW Files in Darktable

    Total Newbie here and I have a question on editing RAW files. I may not have some of the terminology correct but hopefully you folks will understand what I mean. I have a Canon Camera and have started using the DPP 4 Photo editor but then found out it doesn't have a clean way to add a watermark...
  16. Dave NY

    Finally-Getting closer

    Finally getting closer to what I want. I wanted the silky water affect but couldn't get it without a ND Filter I found out, so I got 1 and went to try it out today and it works like a charm. Being a newbie I have a ton to learn but you folks have taught me alot in a short time and I have so much...
  17. Dave NY

    Embed camera settings in RAW data

    I believe I once saw how to embed the camera settings in a RAW data file but now I cannot find it. I have a Canon EOS 80D. Is there a way to do this?
  18. Dave NY

    Best Lens?

    I am looking to get an additional lens for my Canon EOS 80D. I want a telephoto to get wildlife pics at a distance. I am leaning toward Tamron or Sigma. Canon isn't in the list just because of price unless there is a compelling reason to go with Canon. In Sigma there is the Contemporary...
  19. Dave NY

    Need help

    OK, total newbie here. I have a Canon EOS 80D and I am trying to take pics of waterfalls. I have the camera setup on a tripod, Tv mode, a 2 second delay after the shutter button is pressed and I thought I was adjusting the time the shutter was open to get the blurred water affect but regardless...
  20. Dave NY

    Hello Everyone from The Finger Lakes

    Hello Everyone from The Finger Lakes, I have been interested in photography for many years. About a week ago I took a photo with my cell phone that came out so clear and perfect (at least to my eye) that it renewed my interest. 2-3 years ago I bought a Canon EOS 80D and took some great pics...