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  1. Netskimmer

    Crabtree Falls and Blue Ridge Mountains

    Trying out my new Tamron 24-70. Aside from telling the chicks in the photo to get out of my shot, what could I have done better? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Netskimmer

    Trying to get back on the horse...

    Trying to come back to photography after a long hiatus. Some quick shots I took before work. Aside from improving my crap lighting setup, and not getting the whole bug in frame on shot #2, what can I do to improve these? Does anyone have any suggestions on a good, mobile lighting setup? Right...
  3. Netskimmer

    Need help picking a 24-70

    I put up a post in the equipment forum because I didn't see this one. So I thought I would give this forum a shot. I was initially trying to decide between the new nikkor 24-70 VR and it's predecessor. Most of the reviews on the new lens aren't exactly glowing. I've have also started to consider...
  4. Netskimmer

    Any thoughts on the new Nikkor 24-70 VR?

    Hi all, I've been wanting to get a good "walk-around"/general purpose lens for my D750 since I bought it. The one I currently have is a DX lens I purchased long ago for my D7000. I've been eyeballing the new Nikkor 24-70 VR. Has anyone here used it that can give me their impressions of it? Is...
  5. Netskimmer

    Rougly 5 months since the D750 was released and still no lightroom compatability.

    Anyone know of a good substitute until LR gets an update?
  6. Netskimmer

    Finally on it's way!

    I ordered a Nikon D750 from Adorama on the 19th, with free expedited shipping lol, and after being on back order for several days, delayed on the shipping side due to bad weather, then delayed on the receiving side due to bad weather, it's finally "out for delivery" Woot! Roads are still bad...
  7. Netskimmer

    Decisions, decisions...

    I'm contemplating a break with traditional wisdom. I have been looking at a 24-70 lens and the new Nikon D750. Conventional wisdom says glass first, camera later, and I usually follow that. I'm still shooting with the D7000 I bought when I started getting serious about photography and it has...
  8. Netskimmer

    Foam inserts safe?

    I'm thinking of getting some Pelican cases for storage and transport. It seems like I read somewhere that foam cutouts for the cases were a concern due to little bits of foam wearing off (like dust) and contaminating the gear. Is this true? I'm probably just nit-picking but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  9. Netskimmer

    Tamron SP 24-70MM F/2.8 Di VC vs Nikkor 24-70 2.8

    I've taken a bit of a hiatus from photography but I'm getting back into it. I've put back a few grand and had intended to get the legendary Nikon 24-70 2.8, I love the Nikkor 70-200 and use it at least 85% of the time, but it can be a bit long at times (in terms of focal length, not size)...
  10. Netskimmer

    Needing a little direction regarding birds in flight.

    Hi all, I've had an interest in photographing birds in fligh and in particular, raptors for some time but I can't seem to get any traction with it. My current plan is to read up on it, study migration, nesting, and behavioral patterns and try to identify good areas near me to photograph them...
  11. Netskimmer

    Toddler shoot, need advice

    Hi all, I have been asked by a co-worker to take photos of her and her two year old at a local park and I was hoping to get some advice. I have never really done anything like this before. I have refused to accept any form of payment for this and told her that it would be my first time doing...
  12. Netskimmer

    A few more from new lens

    I hate to flood the forum with mediocre macro shots but I wanted to share a few more shots I took today with my new macro lens. I really need to get a bracket to get my flash out of the hot shoe. As always, C&C is welcome.
  13. Netskimmer

    A few from the new lens

    I'm still getting the hang of this. All of these were shot hand held with flash on hot shoe. Flash was set to high speed sync to allow for higher shutter speeds. I tweaked the exposures a bit and cropped, mostly for framing purposes but I did enlarge some of them. I know the shots of the...
  14. Netskimmer

    Woot! New Sigma 180mm Macro just arrived!

    I finally got my first Macro lens! Here are some initial test shots. I know these are not mind blowing shots or anything, just trying to get a feel for it before I have to pack everything up and go to work. 1. branch 2. candle wick 3-5. US Quarter 6. parrot I missed the...
  15. Netskimmer

    gear questions.

    Hi all, I thought about posting this in the equipment forum but I thought I would get more relevant responses in here. I absolutly love macro photography and have been doing it off and on since I got into photography but I haven't gotten any macro specific gear yet. I am currently using ETs and...
  16. Netskimmer

    So frustrating

    This is mostly just a rant so bare with me. My problem is that I want a D800 but I do not need a D800. The vast majority of my pictures are nature, wildlife, candids, and macro. The D800 would either be better or at least no worse than my D7000 for these things. The only issue I have is the...
  17. Netskimmer

    Needing some advice on lighting equipment

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of fleshing out my lighting gear a bit. I'm an amateur and I don't really do any kind of studio work. I'm mostly just out and about with the camera, a few lenses and a hot shoe flash but I'd like to do some studio type macro as well as things like water drops, breaking...
  18. Netskimmer


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know it's a day late but I didn't have time to post it before work yesterday.
  19. Netskimmer

    A close call and a missed opportunity.

    So I was cleaning up some trash in the yard by the garage today and picked up an old piece of metal, underneath was a beautiful female Black Widow! My first thought was 'Oh, how beutiful you are!' This surprised my because I would have thought my first response to coming upon a Black Widow would...
  20. Netskimmer

    Smoke Hole Cavern

    My Blackwater Falls thread didn't seem to illicit much of a response so I thought I'd post some cavern pics. The cavern was dark and I only had my trusty Vivitar 285HV and a cheap Optika softbox with me. Some were taken with a flash and some were not, all were shot hand held, no tripod or...