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    Nikon 50mm lens question

    I wouldn't say that the 1.4 vs 1.8 is the only difference. The 1.4 has way better build quality, the 1.8 feels like a plastic toy. And the 1.4 is sharper at bigger apertures. If you primarily are going to use it for low light, I would definitely get the 1.4. Is it worth the bigger price tag...
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    D-Lighting on or off for Concert shoot.

    I wouldn't use either High NR or D-lighting. It is better to remove noise in post-processing then in camera. The same goes for D-lighting. I have the D90 and you can push the iso to 1200 if needed.
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    Who else loves Fro?

    I watch a lot of his videos on youtube. I've learned a lot on editing pictures in Lightroom. I just ordered some of his "I Shoot Raw" stickers :headbang:
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    What to keep, what to sell, what to buy?

    I don't see a difference in the D700 photos and the D3100's... Or is it just me :confused:
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    Pictures from Haiti!

    Thanks you guys. I had a great time! :)
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    Pictures from Haiti!

    I recently went to Haiti for a week :mrgreen: on a missions trip. I got a ton of sweet pictures. Here's a couple for you guys.
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    First attempt at manual HDR. C&C

    I would like to see it in focus :( other then that it looks good.
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    Looking for C&C on Various Pics

    1. Isn't in focus and isn't interesting. Just a snap shot of a cool lookin' flower. The rest aren't very sharp and don't really have a subject point. The building shots would have been a whole lot cooler if you backed up and captured more of the building.
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    Choice of fast glass or D7000 first?

    Why 24-70? You'll miss the wide end...
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    A few new lens' please?

    35mm isn't really a wide angle lens...
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    Gig photography - better images?

    post some pictures and you will get responses. If you don't take time to help us, most won't take time to help you.
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    Value of these cameras

    One word. Google. Don't be lazy, :xsearch each camera and see what comes up.
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    You know you're a photographer when...

    Nice find, I checked it out and there are some good ones. :hugs:
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    Purchased Nikon D3100 / What Memord Card to Get?

    I use Transcend 8gb's. Way cheaper then Sandisk. :heart:<- click for link
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    Why blurry image why?

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    D90 kit vs. D7000

    Is this your first DSLR? Is so get the D90. The D7000 has a lot of things that are great but not necessarily things you need for your first camera. And I wouldn't get the kit, just buy the camera and one lens (& SD card) and then figure out later what you really need. Most kits include all sorts...
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    Nikkon D90

    Good camera but probably shouldn't of gotten the bundle.