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    Prothonotary Warbler

    4B5A0089_1 (2) by James Ferrari, on Flickr
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    Friday Fun

    Friday Fun Photos Just a fun day on Friday.. Small zoo, quiet park, peaceful day.
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    60D vs 7DM2

    I was asked by Photoflyer to comment on my new Canon 7DM2, verses my now defunct Canon 60D. I only used the 60D for three weeks before it would not turn on one morning. Sadly it had been sitting in a closet for years. Ordered a refurb 7DM2 from Canon last week to replace it. Three Examples...
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    Small, poor quality, but one bird is different..

    IMG_2157 (2) by James Ferrari, on Flickr Just being different
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    Four Hawks:

    Can you help me identify? Yes, they are not in focus, heavily cropped and are hawks, but not sure of their identity. Used an old canon XS to capture. Could the last one be an Osprey?
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    Fear the Spear?

    Fear the Spear by James Ferrari, on Flickr Or does this look better? Fear the Spear by James Ferrari, on Flickr
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    Free Food, Healthy Diet

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    Hey Buddy.. Watch where your going,,, Or is it, High Five?
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    One more from Veterans Park

    FastandFree by James Ferrari, on Flickr
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    Transparent Wings

    FastFlight[/url] by James Ferrari, on Flickr[/IMG] Transparent Wings..
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    Shutter count

    I have been trying for a couple of hours to get "Free Shutter Count" to work. I have downloaded and installed USB drivers. I've plugged in and turned on so many times I am wearing myself out. Is there another program (Free) that will do this simply and efficiently? Any help or advice...
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    Fly softly, carry a stick

    Birds Veterans Park
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    Pulled out an old camera

    Found my Nikon P-100 in one of the closets. Charged the batteries. Still seems up to the challenge, Took 30 pictures. Want to find an free editor that gives the Metadata. Waving a hand and saying hello..