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    Studio Shoot

    Me and my buddy had a shoot the other day. He owns the studio and allows me to bring out models for us to shoot and he helps/teaches me about lighting and all that good stuff. Couple of shots from my session a few days ago 1. 2. 3. 4. Full size and one or so more here Portraits - a set on...
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    Motorcycle Shoot - CBR 900

    My brother was home for the week for thanksgiving and I have been dying to get into automotive photography. This was my first motorcycle. I Have another bike shoot scheduled for when the season comes back around but we had decent enough weather yesterday for me to get my brother to come out for...
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    Few more bugs

    large: large: and i will throw this guy in for kicks large: let me know what you guys...
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    Daan cant have all the fun (bugs)

    Just playin Daan, I know im in for a treat with your threads. C&C greatly appreciated, always trying to learn what i can. If you like the photo, please view large :-) makes it a little nicer
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    In the bushes with some bugs

    I was actually hunting spiders today but, you know how that goes. I found my Jumping Spider and got some photos.. Then got home and they didnt really turn out all that great. I got these though. 1. 2. large: 3...
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    Easter tent caterpillar

    Still waiting for everything to bloom and the real bugs to come out
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    Couple macros with new diffuser

    Just finished making a diffuser for my macro work.. I can not decide if the light is natural looking or a bit harsh.. Comments please, i need help! Im thinking a bit harsh?
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    The Orphan Bill - Effects us all

    This bill is very upsetting to me. I have already used the site listed below in order to at least voice my opinion. It basically states that if someone can not find the author to a piece of work after a "reasonable search" (reasonable being defined by the person searching for it) they are...
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    Wanting to jump into automotive photography

    For one reason or another, automotive photography is an insider secret. I am going to be trying to make a rig in a few weeks here and was wondering if anybody has a rig setup they are willing to share or at least help me get started in making one. Or even if anybody has some links? I have a...
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    Time For A 2nd Flash

    I have been playing around with lighting a lot and would like to pick up another flash to kick around with. I see a lot of talk about vivitars, sunpacks, and even the SB-24 and what not. I am becoming very overwhelmed in debating if I should buy another SB-600 or SB-800, or which of the...
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    Self Portrait

    I am not sure if this should go here or not but i am looking for that hardcore critique and help.. I just bought an umbrella for my strobe yesterday and decided to leap into my new found addiction and begin playing with light. I plan on buying "Skin" tomorrow if they still accept my coupon a...
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    Working with people and expectations

    First i would like to say I am not a pro. Today i had a photoshoot with my church (they went to me as they did not have the money for a pro) and i have to say it was the most unorganized event i have ever done. For one, nobody was ready for their shoot so the coordinator was with me filling...
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    Photo technique/style question

    When shooting parties (especially at bars) i see a lot of photos were the lights in the background are blurred indicating a slow shutter dragged, but the people are in perfect focus. Now i was shooting an event today and was trying to get this effect. It brought me to shooting "slow" for...
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    NIU Memorial

    I drove up to my college yesterday to get some things from my dorm.. Went out to the memorial site and endured the freezing weather and nearly frostbite (i forgot my gloves!) to get some photos. It was a moving experience for me. I found that photography is not always a fun thing to do...
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    Portrait Fun

    Just upgraded to my D200 on thursday... dragged the girlfriend out in the cold for a few photos. 1. 2. link to full size Tell me what you guys think. All natural light 50mm. Be hard on me, im trying to learn...
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    Chicago Car Show

    Wow, its been so long since i posted photos here.. Lighting was difficult for me but it was fun! Link at bottom for full res and rest of gallery (please view) 1 2. 3. rest of gallery can be seen here
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    sb-600 question

    How do i get shutter speeds quicker then 1/60 in A priority? With D50 and D200 that is the max i know how to achieve. I know its something easy :lol: but we will see
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    A Different SB-800 question

    I hope :-) I am planning on getting the 105VR soon and will be needing a flash. I would love to buy the SB-600 because the obvious $100+ difference but am wondering about the -6 degree downward rotation of the SB-800. I currently own the D50 and can not use the flash off camera. Is the...
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    Zoom Question

    On a digital body (lets say 1.5 crop factor). What is the translation to P&S optical zoom and at what mm is the hhuman eye? I get these questions so often at work and never have an answer.
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    Some Macros from today

    Spent the day in the yard chasing ladybugs :-) I mist admit, i ended up swatting a few out of the air for some shots :blushing:... No harm done though #1 #2 #3 #4 My Gallery ^^ [Edited on 10/21/2007 by Politik]