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    Aged Window frame

    that thing has a sad face on it!
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    The Ugly Stick

    that really is ugly. great job!
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    Some Butterflies

    woahhhhhhhh 1st & last one are the best for me. Seriously the last one is awesome. 2nd one the blurryness on the right side is distracting. Kind of makes the viewer work too hard I think.
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    2 of my pets

    wowwww awesome!!! the detail in that snake's mouth! haha!
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    some model shots

    like the contrasts between the patterned dress and the rock in the back. great!
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    Walk through my neighbourhood

    First and last photo are brilliant. Really seems to tell an interesting story.
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    Flowers, lemons, and limes

    I like the lemons but the flowers are a bit out of focus.
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    wow the clouds in the 2nd one were brilliant. and that snake is awesome.
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    The shadows make this pic really interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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    Check This Guy Out!

    that's really great thanks!
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    very wet wedding

    I like the first one best.
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    Impared Vision-Warning-Graphic image

    ok. warning headed. totally did get way over to a whole other side here. whew! u could go far in the horror film industry my friend. real far :)
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    Heli Landing

    yea seems like u had fun with it :)
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    pit bull attacks cat

    oh that is SO CUTE! u had me worried at the start when after I clicked I thought, "Wait, do I really want to see a cat getting ATTACKED by a pit bull?!" So relieved that it was an attack of kisses! All the photos are excellent :)
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    Spot the beast (more rocks)

    omg is there something wrong with me?! I don't see the beast at all :-| but I see a man?
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    Uhhh Canada One Niner.... Uhhh Yur Cleared For Landing... Uhhh Over

    no. 7 does it for me. All the others... ok-ish. 7 was crisp yet with movement and showed the gracefulness of the animals.
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    A farmers sunset

    It is a very interesting photo... somehow the clouds kinda make me nervous.
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    Hidden Temple (not HDR/pp done in LR)

    yes a bit too much yellow kinda drawing attention away from the temple which I am assuming was not your intention.
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    Local Storm Chase

    wow those photos are amazing.
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    Four years in the USA

    wow excellent! I really admire the fireworks ones. Beautiful :)