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    ND filter on Beseler 23 II

    So a while back I picked up a "free" darkroom on Craigslist. The guy failed to mention in the ad that the lens was scratched to hell, the timer was broken, all the tongs were busted, the trays cracked, and the easel flimsy and a plastic. It was just a trick to have someone clean out his garage...
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    Photographing darkroom prints

    Hi, I've been making darkroom prints and man, they just look light years better than any scan IMO. I want to take pictures of the darkroom prints to share online instead of scans. The light in my apartment is pretty lousy even though I'm using 75w Tungsten bulbs. No matter what, there will be...
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    Bulb for Beseler 23c ii

    Hi, I got a Beseler 23c ii a while back and the bulb just went out. Looks like it's a PH/11A (the A is a bit worn and hard to read but pretty sure it's an A) GE 75W and 125V. I can't seem to find any of these online, any ideas where to purchase? Also, should I consider upgrading to a brighter...