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    First Snow

    took a few photos last night during a snowstorm and i really liked this one. not sure how good it really is though to others, any CC is welcome :D
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    Leashed Kitty - C&C

    Hey guys, took my cat out for a spin in the yard, and managed to get this shot. I think it's kinda interesting? :P
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    Nikon D7000: LCD Color Calibration Problem

    Hey everyone, I posted this problem a while back, but now it's really getting to me. Basically, I bought a new D7000 last week, and have since been bugged about the LCD displaying a wrong color for my photos: The photos look fine on my mac. The photos have a noticeable green cast/over...
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    D7000: Greenish hue on LCD Monitor?

    Hey everyone, Quick question regarding the D7000: has anyone with it experienced a greenish hue on every photo when viewing from the LCD? I initially thought this was a white balance problem and asked that question accordingly, but it seems that when the photos go into lightroom on my mac, the...
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    Some photos. C&C? :D

    Hey everyone, so i've had these photos for a while now; i usually upload to deviantart but you really don't get any good critique on there. aka i cant realize or learn my mistakes. C&C please? :D
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    D7000 white balance problem?

    Hey guys, when I shoot with my D7000, the color seems to go on the green side, whatever white balance i use (even with custom settings). this is especially noticeable indoors with fluorescent lights. what can i do?
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    Is the Nikkor 105mm Micro metal constructed?

    Hey guys, I got this awesome 105mm micro nikkor yesterday, and I just realized: apparently the first ones sold were made in Japan and were metal constructed? Mine is made in China, and I couldn't find out if they were metal or not. Also, is this lens weather sealed, regardless of metal or...
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    Quick Question Regarding Nikkor 105mm Micro f/2.8

    Hey everyone, So i just got the nikon 105mm micro. Wonderful lens i must say! just one quick question: why does the max aperture of 2.8 stop down to 4 as i focus closer up? and if it has something to do with the lens' IF construction then im okay with it, but even when i just focus at a bit...
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    Nikon 105mm Micro opinions?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be getting a Nikon D7000 most likely to replace my oly e-620, but I don't really like its 18-105mm kit lens. I think i'll be getting a 50mm prime and the 105mm micro for starts, then see what happens later for other lenses. How is the 105mm micro? From what i read and...
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    Some comparisons?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide between getting a Canon 7D or a Nikon D7000. In my opinion, they are both capable cameras, so I'm trying to decide by seeing the choice of lenses I could get. The first Lenses I will be getting are: 50mm f1.8 Prime 100mm Macro (if canon) or 105mm Micro (if...
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    droplet and leaf

    Hey everyone, Is it ever good to be back here! Last time I posted something was in January; just been so busy with everything. Anyway, went out for a snapshot today just to have some fun with my camera, and I ended up surprisingly pleased with this shot; there was some really strong wind, and...
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    Help me remove some shadows D:

    hey guys. so my current school assignment is to take some portraits. we are provided with 1 white backdrop and 1 flimsy studio light, and i guess we play around with it. we aren't expected to do anything like a shadowless background or anything, but I do extra stuff outside of class and have...
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    C&C welcome! :D
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    Best surface for water droplets?

    Hey guys, im trying to do some macro stills of water droplets (high speed isn't for me as of yet xD) but whenever i get a water droplet on to a surface, they dont cohere really well; they spread out and form a sort of flattened surface. i've seen some photos and those people seem to get the...
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    Lunar Eclipse

    yay first eclipse of my life! :D
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    oh hai, i look retarded now kai?

    just my cat doing some weird stuff haha.
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    Some street shots

    Hey guys, two photos that i might or might not use for my photography class. was supposed to do some street candids :P just threw in a pic of my cat for fun xD C&C please! :)
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    gahhhhh help! D:

    hey guys. so, i have to take a photo of "something very ironic" for a school project. It really doesn't pass by me everyday to see something like that, so I was thinking of staging something. any ideas for ironic photos? thanks! :P
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    attempting HDR

    hows this? please C&C!
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    First Attempt at Split toning

    Please C&C!