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    Help needed with starting new photography website

    1. Buy Domain name that you will use for your business from godaddy, 1&1, etc. 2. Find a host, I recommend MediaTemple. 3. Hire someone to make you a website or use something like smugmug and point your domain to it. Because you're confused as to what a domain, hosting and all of that...
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    Switching Out Gear

    It's an awesome list and the people above have corrected the only problems. The only thing that I'd remember is that a better camera and lenses don't actually mean better pictures so I just don't want you to come back and play the "I have all this nice gear but my pics look like -ish" card...
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    FS: Olympus OM-2 , working 100%

    Up for sale is an Olympus OM-2 Camera with a 50mm lens. The camera has worked amazingly for me and Its a shame I have to give it up but I'm moving and I need all the money I can get. I left the camera in Auto mode one night and the battery went down the drain so you'll have to replace that but...
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    Duck Face..................

    This should make you feel better. AntiDuckface
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    Mount Cook [New Zealand] in HDR

    What did you use to shoot it with?
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    To watermark or not to watermark?

    For me, if they're for an event such as a wedding or a birthday that I was hired for, I will watermark to prevent them from just ripping them from the site and printing them off. I'm here for a profit and I had an encounter with someone who did such thing and effed me over (I learned from it!)...
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    Website hosting recomendations??

    I recommend MediaTemple. I've used them while hosting my own blog and a few other websites and they have always been on top compared to my experience with hostgator and dreamhost. It is a little steep (20 bucks/month) but for me, it's worth it.
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    Is my website blocked?

    I bet a lot of the porn filters look for "pleasure" in the url. Thats why yours is being blocked on software filters. To answer your question. No, your website is not being blocked.
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    Advertising yourself? What's the best option?

    Like mentioned above, a website is your first step. When you first start out you can't expect the world from everyone so you're going to have to make some sacrifices. I'm not saying do weddings for free but until you're a reputable photographer, you expect them to pay the world. Word of mouth...
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    Is There Something Wrong With My Flash? (Video)

    I'm not a nikon guy nor am I a user of off-brand flashes. But is your flash on "high speed" or something similar? I'd also look within the camera settings to see if it's set to high-speed shooting
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    Traveling: What to take / Buy?

    I'll see if I can swing it. Thanks for the help everyone!
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    Traveling: What to take / Buy?

    Honestly, the only time that I'd shoot with that is if I'm hiking or something. Otherwise, everything will be on the streets and such. I'll think about it and I'll have to find a place for it but it's an awesome idea.
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    Traveling: What to take / Buy?

    Yep, I'll bring along both of my flashes. I do have a lowepro but I'll probably buy a bigger one. I didn't even think about that, It's now on the list! Thank you so much! Now on the list too. I'll be there for Febuary / March. Where are you going to be going? We might have to meet up if...
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    Traveling: What to take / Buy?

    Well I'm going to be traveling to New Zealand, Australia and Mexico for about 6months time and I'm wondering what I should be buying to bring. Keep in mind, I'm getting a lot of this stuff because I haven't had it before. I'm going to bring my Canon 7D with 50mm 1.4 and 10-22 and a LOT of memory...
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    WTB: Olympus OM-2 or Canon AE-1

    Bump. I"ll take any old camera, really.
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    Where can I find trustworth

    I've used - Camera Rental and Canon/Nikon/Sony Lens Rental and they worked fantastically. If you have a local camera shop they might have a small selection of lenses you can rent.
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    Muay Thai

    Assuming his testicles weren't hanging out, I don't understand why you have the lens flare. IMHO it's just more distracting but to each his own.
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    Through the lens (literally)

    This is honestly the first photo that I've been actually proud and inspired by for a long time. I think I'm coming out of my funk if you will and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Deets about the photo ISO: 1600 (thats why it's noisy) Speed: 1/50 Body: XTi (No 5DMK2 yet :() Lens...
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    WTB: Olympus OM-2 or Canon AE-1

    I'm getting in touch with the roots of photography and I figure that a bare bones camera would do the trick so if anyone has an old Olympus OM-2 or a Canon AE-1 that they aren't using and works that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if it had a 50mm that would make it even better. Corbin
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    Using my 430EX II on my XTi in different situations.

    I completely forgot about that. I was thinking if the flash was off camera :P.