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    Variety of Birds

    This is a variety of Eagles and white pelicans.
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    San Francisco in May

    These were taken first week of May. Weather was perfect those days.
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    Grand canyon Bryce canyon

    Hello, One of my favorite places to go to.
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    Badlands NP Mt Rushmore, Crazyhorse South Dakota

    These are from a few years past. I think I use a Canon dsl, thinking the t7i
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    Lincoln museum

    Want to thank everyone for the help in posting photos on here. Appreciate that. Here are a few more from inside the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois
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    Transfer photos

    Hello Camera world. I joined Flixr and how do I transfer a photo from there to here. I cannot find Flixr when I hit the upload photos on here. Thank you for your help.
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    Mom and baby Eagle

    Hell9 Camera world. This nest has been around the last 3 years. I assume the same parents stick around each year.This is at Alton, Illinois.
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    This capture was a surprise. But we are fortunate to have these opportunities yearly.
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    White pelican

    Captured this on near Alton locks and dam Missouri side
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    Young Eagle

    Captured this young Eagle on the border of Illinois and Missouri. Place is called Riverlands bird sancuary
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    White pelican with fish

    Hello Camera world. I waited a long time for this capture and was so excited to capture this. Seems like they never hardly eat, just Bob up n down on the water. I also love watching them fly and land.
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    Posting jpeg photos on here

    Hello, Camera world. I am new to this forum and posted 2 separate photos on here. I had no trouble doing so. I tried to send another and it says photo too large. Just wondered if there is a limit on photos. The 2 that I did send were 2 separate posts. Thank you.
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    San Francisco photos

    Here is a photo of a sea lion at pier 39
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    Hello, From near St Louis

    Hi, My name is Larry. I am a newly on here and love photography. I like to take travel, wildlife, some sports. I am new to mirrorless cameras and own 2 Nikon s. Feel free to send me a reply .
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    Hello, Iam new to this forum, First time on here.

    Hello, I am new to this forum, First time on here. I own 2 mirrorless cameras. One is the Nikon z611 and the other one the Nikon z 50. I like to shoot wildlife, travel photography, some sports. I have been taking photos for sometime, most on the green automatic. I am learning manual settings and...