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    TPF Across America - The Journey of One Lens Across the USA - Round 2

    Or Mark has multiple personalities. Come to think of it I've never seen him and thebasedsloth in the same place at the same time.
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    TPF Across America - The Journey of One Lens Across the USA - Round 2

    On the deposit we could have the first person Paypal MK3Brent the $50 and then each subsequent person sends their deposit to the person with the lens who in turn mails the lens once they have the deposit. I suppose someone could really be a dick and ask for the deposit and then not send the lens...
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    TPF Across America - The Journey of One Lens Across the USA - Round 2

    If you start a new project I'd be happy to participate. As far as people getting the lens and not sending it on all I can say is I may be an a**hole but I'm not that kind of a**hole. Last time I posted Kazooie was trying to get it and finally did. I think it's only moved down like 3 names in...
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    Lighting, who to buy from and what should you expect

    That's why I love you guys. Got a "deal alert" from Amazon for a Cowboy lighting kit. It had pretty good reviews on Amazon but I thought I'd check TPF before ordering. Looks like a $160 loss has been averted.
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    TPF Across America - The Journey of One Lens Across the USA - Round 2

    I haven't been on or posted since February surely it's my turn by now right? ;)
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    Best Super Bowl Commercial 2013

    I liked the Doritos goat and the whispering Oreo commercials the most. I've seen a few articles about the GoDaddy commercial being too racy. Not sure what that's all about, a hot chic made out with a nerd so what. Beyond showed more skin during the halftime show for gods sake.
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    I've got 1 but I believe in the go big or go home mentality so it's about 6"X9" on my right calf. It's a night time Hawaiian beach scene, smoking volcano, tiki statue, half naked hula girl playing a uke. I'd have more but I don't want to get tat's just for the sake of getting tat's. The one I...
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    Just bought the D3200 kit...

    Of all the lenses I've owned or used over the years the 55-200 was by far the worst. If you do a search on TPF you'll find a lot of similar comments. If you're going to sell either lens that's the one to get rid of. If you need an affordable zoom that produces excellent images I'd look at a...
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    Has Winter Arrived?!?!

    I'd think carrying your weight in Moosehead would be more important.
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    Chill out and wait for a response.....

    See what you did here Charlie is go against the rule of thirds. You've got 3 lines in a paragraph then one line. It's not the rules of fourths so please adjust your paragraphs so they all fit the guidelines. ;)
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    Lance never did have the cance

    Runnah hit he nail on the head on both counts. He was the best doper in a field of dopers. Not to mention all of his teammates that have been busted and in their attempts to make themselves look good the first words out of their mouths after "OK I admit it" were usually "Lance did it too it's...
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    The OFFICIAL amolitor is dumb and his blog sucks thread

    My wife got pissed because I had to cosine a loan for a friend of mine. Wow this thread really got off on a tangent.
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    New Site feature proposal - Encouraging our younger photographer members

    Why don't we try asking the current younger members what they think would make TPF more "kid" friendly? I ask this because as a middle aged guy I'm on board with the no coddling, if they can't take the heat get out of the forum crowd. I can't see an 18 & under section bing very beneficial to the...
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    The OFFICIAL amolitor is dumb and his blog sucks thread

    60% of the time Andrew's blog is awesome all the time. Did I mention 86% of all statistics are made up on the spot?
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    Looking For A New Lens - Please Help!

    I've got personal experience with 3 of the 5 lenses being mentioned and here's my recommendation from best to worst: 50 1.4G (over budget) I love this lens 70-300 VR (over budget) I loved this lens until I bought a 70-200 it is an excellent value just make sure you get the VR version 50 1.8G...
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    Poll: Which photo is best?

    I dislike #2 the least (which isn't saying much).
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    what would your response be to this email

    I'd do the bow out graciously thing then tell them about TPF so heir friend can get some good tips. The friend is bound to come across some of the "for god's sake you'll ruin your friends wedding" threads that are abundant here. Maybe it'll scare the friend straight and you'll get the job after...
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    This girl gots skills!!

    That's good because I'm not sure that was a girl. Her hands were as big as mine and her adam's apple was as big as her balls. I'd still want to see pics if it ever went down though. ;)
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    There's no dummie light on a D800

    Charlie you just helped me out more than you know. Just looked at pg 319 and it also gives info on reversing the exposure indicator. My D60 went one way and the 800 goes the other way. Took me a while to get used to it and now I find out I can change it. Maybe I should try reading the manual. ;)