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    Who here has used the Godox system?

    Need some advice. I'm thinking of selling my Nikon speedlights and going for the Godox system. So far I've heard good things about them, the only bad thing being the firmware acting kind of funny, but apparently they released new firmware this week. I'll be using these primarily for weddings...
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    For Sale: Nikon 20mm f2.8 AF

    Japanese version, perfect working condition. It sits my bag and never gets used. Looking for best offers, but please don't lowball. If the offer is fair I'll include free shipping. $280.
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    Re-evaluating Advertising Budget for 2015

    To all of the wedding professionals - I'm curious to see where your putting your marketing and advertising funds towards. Last year I decided to try Wedding Wire, at $90/month the price wasn't terrible, but then again it didn't work for me. I've heard of some photographers doing very well on...
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    Some Fall pictures here in Colorado

    Hey everyone, I'm a professional wedding photographer here in beautiful Colorado and I had two meetings today up in Estes Park so afterwards I drove around a bit and took some photos of all the fall colors. Anyway, just wanted to share, enjoy!
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    Need some microphone advice

    I've been shooting a lot more video projects lately as there has been a demand for it within my business and I'm having some issues getting decent quality sound. Right now I'm using an inexpensive wireless mic ( Sima Wireless Microphone For Digital Camcorders) and I'm getting a lot...
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    Had a D700 stolen from me, need some advice

    Hey everyone, I need some advice and want to see if anything similar has happened to you before. I recently sold a D700 on eBay and was paid through Paypal. The buyer paid and sent me a message on eBay asking if I could send it to another address. I've never sold anything on eBay before and...
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    Setting up an LLC

    I'm in the process of setting up my LLC, and I was wondering if there is any advantage of setting up my LLC on a site such as Legal Zoom as opposed to applying directly on my state's website. In addition, do I need to register my business as well with my city? And how do I receive my Tax ID #...
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    How to report money given to clients?

    Business/tax related question here everyone. I'm starting to look into using high school senior reps to help me acquire more business for senior portraiture. For those who are unfamiliar with what a Senior Rep is, it's someone who represents your photography at their high school. In exchange you...
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    Full-range FX lens reccomendations?

    I'm looking for a backup lens for my Nikon full-frame cameras in the case of a malfunction or I drop a lens and break it while on assignment (It's happened more than I'd like to admit). I'm trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible as this will just be a backup and i'll probably never use it...
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    Issues adjusting capture time in Lightroom

    I'm trying to edit the capture time on my photos using Lightroom, but when I try to open the photos in another program the capture time still retains the original capture time. I've been able to successfully change the metadata before, but I'm wondering if I'm missing a step or something. Thanks.
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    What slideshow program?

    I want to run a photo slideshow off my Mac, but iPhoto only allows me to run it in full screen, and iI'm looking for something that will allow me to run it in a windowed mode. According to my research on the web iPhoto won't support it. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Anyone use the Black Rapid knockoffs?

    I'm looking at buying a Bllack Rapid DR-1, but they're so expensive. I was looking on Ebay and found this knockoff. Has anyone had any experience using any of the knockoffs? The mounts don't look that great but I can always buy the Black Rapid mounts for $10. New Professional Double Shoulder...
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    WTS (or trade) Nikon 20mm Lens

    I have a Nikon 20mm 2.8 AF D lens for sale. This is the Japanese-made lens. It's in perfect working condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. I bought it used from a camera store in Orange County and have literally only used it twice. It retails for $750 according to Nikon's website. I'm...
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    Which Nikon Macro Lens?

    I'm looking to finally add a new macro lens to my collection for close shots of wedding details (rings, flowers, table directions, etc) and I'm debating between Nikon's 40mm Macro and their older 60mm. I realize the 40mm is a DX format lens but I use both FX and DX cameras so it's not an issue...
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    Market Your Photography Business - How to Get More Clients

    I hope you all enjoy this article I wrote, I've had some people asking me lately if I had any marketing tips for a new photo business so I thought I'd do a write up. I'll include the first part of the article here and the rest on the link below so you can see the proper layout, photos, etc...
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    Tips on how to market your photography business

    Lately I have been getting a lot of questions on effective ways to promote/market your business from multiple photographers starting out in the industry. I have a BA Degree in Marketing/Advertising Communications, an AA in Journalism and have worked for marketing companies so I know a thing or...
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    Photos from Maui, Hawaii

    I had to fly to California this past week for a couple of shoots but before then I had the opportunity to go to Maui and took some interesting photos around the island. Enjoy! Full size and More on Flickr:Maui 2013 - a set on Flickr
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    Flashback Friday

    So every week on Friday I'll be posting a an old photo on my facebook, google plus and twitter page that has a interesting back-story and/or unique lighting/photo techniques that were used. I'll be posting photos from when I worked at the Orange County Register, nature scenes, portraits, and of...
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    Manual exposure with the D7000?

    I've been doing a lot of video lately with my D7000 for one of the companies I work for. I'm trying to figure out however how to manually adjust the exposure for my video. Even in manual mode the camera still wants to to auto-expose. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Countryside Engagement Session

    I shot an engagement session this past autumn and I finally just posted a blog up for it. I'll post two photos here, the rest are on the link below. Nothing overwhelmingly creative here, but my clients were super stoked on the photos. I flew to Laguna Beach, CA two weeks ago to shoot their...