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  1. DonaldC1961

    Gray Card for Exposure Help

    Hi Folks, I would like to know who makes the most accurate gray card for exposure purposes for film and digital photography. I have purchased a couple different gray cards, neither of them being a Kodak R-27 gray card and there seems to be a discrepancy in tones. For example, I have an 8x10"...
  2. DonaldC1961

    Mamiya 80mm 1.9 or 2.8 Lens for M645 1000S?

    Hello all, If you use, or have used the Mamiya M645 1000S with an 80mm lens, which 80mm lens did you use, prefer and can confidently recommend? The following are available for purchase: 80mm f1.9 N, filter size 67mm 80mm f2.8 C, metal, filter size 58mm 80mm f2.8 N, plastic, filter size 58mm I...