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  1. emdiemci

    Thailand City View (View from Baiyoke Sky Hotel)

    yumm... i love thai food. :love:
  2. emdiemci

    Just playing - Sin hotel view

    I think this is pretty darn good for handheld. A little noisy but what esle can we ask for.
  3. emdiemci

    Candid of Bike Ride (Old Man)

    Man on Bike by darylcastro, on Flickr This was on my drive home today from the car. Besides the pole right smack in the middle what do you guys think about this quick snap. Something about this picture keeps making me go back to it.
  4. emdiemci

    Build it and they will come

    lol good amazing.
  5. emdiemci

    Build it and they will come

    This is intense. I don't know what else to say.
  6. emdiemci

    Bovine Sunset

    Not sure I'm enjoying these sorry. That ear and underexposure just don't cut it. And I do agree with the cartoony look in the HDR one. Like I always say, just my opinion.
  7. emdiemci

    Just a little practice with on camera fill flash.

    Pretty cool not bad. I need to practice using fill flash as well.
  8. emdiemci

    A passing train

    I like the stop sign & I like the picture. For a last min shot this is really great. Is it possible to see the EXIF data on the photograph?
  9. emdiemci

    More Russian Ridge

    So peaceful
  10. emdiemci

    Some shots from my trip to NY / Toronto

    #1 & #5 are my favs. Really nice On #5 the dragon on the left bothers a bit. Wish it was either in or out. Mind if I ask on #1 & #2 do you remember what you focused on? I'm having trouble with landscape and finding where to focus.
  11. emdiemci

    C&C on bokeh!!

    This bokeh business confuses me. I always thought that was pretty much the DOF effect.
  12. emdiemci

    **squirrels - Do you blush?

    I dun git it :er:
  13. emdiemci

    How did you name your business????

    From what I know your company name is not really important as to who you are and what your produce as a photographer. I see a great percentage of people using their own names to get recognition. I believe people feel a bond to the person rather than a company name. But If your well-known and...
  14. emdiemci

    Marco Island Hotel View. C&C and help on improving this shot.

    I see what your saying, it makes sense. Thanks for the crop Still trying to figure out why the water doesn't look as sharp.
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  16. emdiemci

    Marco Island Hotel View. C&C and help on improving this shot.

    Here I have this shot from the hotel balcony in Marco Island. Now right off the bat I'm not great at landscapes due to living in a city or at least that's the excuse I give myself. In this type of picture I had a real tough time deciding where to focus. Where would you have focused on a shot...
  17. emdiemci

    Product Photography-- PLEASE HELP!!

    It still boggles my mind how many people join, go straight to ask a question (which theres absolutely nothing wrong with ), but a great % is about a service they are providing. Aren't you supposed to know how to do something before you go and tell people that you do that. And it's usually such a...