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  1. HL45

    Outstanding in the Field C&C Please

    Thanks for taking the time to look! Recently purchased some off camera flash accessories. Wanting to practice outdoors, I found a willing subject and headed out to a field in the local park. My goal was to keep the ambient light the detail in the sky and properly expose the subject. We started...
  2. HL45

    A few from around the house

    Fly_-3882 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Green Bee-3844 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Those eyes-3688 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr
  3. HL45

    3 Year Old Portrait C&C

    Meet Kye, he loves baseball and football! Posing for me was not something he loved but we managed and had some fun. Thanks for any comments or critiques! Canon 5d3 EF 24-70 ISO 320 f/7.1 Kye-3236 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Kye-3254 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Kye-3228 by Mitch Wessels, on...
  4. HL45

    Home Studio Portrait C&C

    My granddaughter recently turned One! Ordered a seamless background and set up with single strobe w/small soft box. Any comments or critique is appreciated. Canon 5D3 24-70 f 2.8 f/8 ISO 100 Aubree 1 year old-1 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Aubree 1 year old-1-4 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr...
  5. HL45

    Fall family photo for C&C

    This was shot late afternoon in natural light. The posing is natural, I didn't direct them in anyway so I'm not asking for critique in that area. I'm happy with the way it turned out after editing. Any comments on the strengths and/or weakness would be helpful. Thanks, Mitch Canon EOS 5D Mark...
  6. HL45

    Playing in the yard

    Canon 5D MkIII EF100mm Macro The last shot is a stack. Thanks for looking comments always welcome. 7-20-14-17 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 8-17-14-40 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 8-10-14- by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr
  7. HL45

    Cypress Bend

    Cypress Bend Park, Toledo Bend Lake, Louisiana. Shot mid-day, ND filter + polarizer filter. Canon 5D MkIII f/22 17mm LR5 w/photomatix HDR Thanks for looking. Comments and critique welcomed. Cypress Bend Park Toledo Bend Lake by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Cypress Bend Park Toledo Bend Lake by...
  8. HL45

    Opinions on waterfall edits

    Thanks for taking your time to look. I'd like some feedback on these two shots. Which composition and PP is more appealing to you and why? This is Cedar Falls, Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas. It's the most photographed waterfall in the state, my first time to capture it. #1 Cedar_Falls-3 by...
  9. HL45

    Rented the Tamron SP 150-600mm

    I currently use a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5 f/5.6 + Canon 1.4ex III so I can shoot 560mm @ f/8. I was excited to try the Tamron after seeing some of the photos posted here and on Flickr, 600mm @ f/6.3 sounds good compared to my setup. I was impressed when I pulled the lens from the box. My first...
  10. HL45

    Ruby-throated Hummer

    Spring is in full swing at my place. The hummers have been showing up for a couple weeks now. Thanks for looking. C&C welcomed. 1. No crop, Handheld 5D3 400mm f/5.6@1/160 ISO2000 5_1_14 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 2. Tripod 5D3 400mm f/6.3@ 1/160 ISO1600 4_27_14 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr...
  11. HL45

    Shots from the blind.. and one from the kayak

    Nuthatch f/9 1/500 ISO 1250 560mm Carolina Wren f/6.3 1/800 ISO 1000 400mm Female Cardinal f/8 1/400 ISO 800 400mm White-throated Sparrow f/6.3 1/500 ISO 1000 400mm Warmer weather got me out in the kayak, first time for me to capture the Blue winged Teal. Thanks for looking :)
  12. HL45

    Birds in training

    The birds in my backyard have now been trained to land in the right spot ;) Just kidding but it does seem that way sometimes. :D Wren 2_26_14-9 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Cardinal 2_22_14-2 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Titmouse 2_22_14-7 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Chickadee...
  13. HL45

    Goldfinch Post Processing

    Did a little different PP on these two shots. Slightly desaturated and my standard color. 2_22_14-9 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 2_22_14-8 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Thanks for your opinions or comments.
  14. HL45

    More backyard birds

    I'm trying to tweak my setup (studio) to get some better shots of the same old birds. Comments or Critique welcomed. 1. 2_16_14-10 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 2. 2_16_14-8 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 3. The Wren would not go to either perch so I got him on the tree. 2_16_14-13 by Mitch...
  15. HL45

    Out the kitchen window

    Been trying to improve my backyard setup for better backgrounds. Shooting through a window with the 1.4x on 100-400mm seems to take away some sharpness. Comments and critiques welcomed. :) 1.Mrs. Cardinal 2_9_14-4 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr 2. Chickadee no crop 2_9_14-2 by Mitch...
  16. HL45

    Backyard Birding

    Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcomed. 1. Tuft Titmouse January_26_2014-10 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500) Aperture f/11.0 Focal Length 560 mm ISO Speed 2000 Exposure Bias +1/3 EV 2. Tuft Titmouse...
  17. HL45

    Houston Texas

    Recently traveled to Houston to visit for the holidays. I'm not a big fan of large metro areas, I'm more of a country, woods and dirt road guy. Anyway, traveled with a couple lenses and camera, no tripod so all my shots are handheld. Hope you enjoy these! Comments and critique are welcomed...
  18. HL45

    State Bird of Arkansas....and others

    The northern mockingbird is also the state bird symbol of Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi. Shooting birds got a little easier after the leaves were gone from the trees, hope you enjoy these. Thanks for your comments or critique Mitch 1. Mockingbird-88 by mtw2118, on Flickr 2...
  19. HL45

    C&C PP senior portrait

    During the Thanksgiving holiday I was asked to take some photos for family members. My wife has been after me to get a a nice photo of her mother so we dragged her out against her will ;) to the backyard. I showed my MIL the shot in camera and her response was "I look old and wrinkled" I assume...
  20. HL45

    Fall Family photos C&C please!

    Looking for some constructive critique! Please be harsh if needed, I can take it :) Shot midday, 5D Mark III, EF 70-200 f/2.8 shooting f/3.2. Use the 430 EX II with Gary Fong lightsphere for fill.... and yes it was on camera :meh: Edited in LR5, basic editing plus some heavy de-clarify...