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  1. firemedic0135

    FS: Mint Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Canon mount

    I have a nearly new 10-17mm tokina fisheye. Was used a few times on my 40d. In box with original wrapper and warranty cards, and both caps. No scratches, dings, or blemishes of any kind. 425 usd shipped tyd you can phone me at 903-742-9406 email at firemedic0135-at-yahoo-dot-com
  2. firemedic0135

    FS: Tokina AT-X 107 DX 10-17mm Fisheye

    Nearly Brand new Fisheye with the original box and wrapper. Used a few times. Sold my 40d and no longer need this lens. Lens is mint with no scratches or blemishes. 903-742-9406 or pm.
  3. firemedic0135

    Fs: Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 hsm

    Only 2 months old. Like new with bag,tripod ring,hood,and uv filter. 650$ to your door Canon mount!!
  4. firemedic0135

    A few from my Mini Reef

    Here are a few shots from my mini reef.They arn't spectacular but I think they came out well.Its kinda hard to get sharp pics from through the glass, even when things look good in the viewfinder. anyway here is a lawnmower blenny peeking out A flase percula clownfish( every sw tank has to...
  5. firemedic0135

    Rangers vs. Yankees (Jesus Hates the Yankees)

    Thats right Jesus hates them almost as much as me!!!!!!!!!!:lmao::lmao: anyway went to the game a week or two ago and took some shots. Please leave C/C if you have a minute. thanks #1 Damon with a swing and a miss #2 Josh Hamilton the RBI machine #3 Taking a lead #4 A view from my...
  6. firemedic0135

    Ballpark in Arlington

    Havnt been around in awhile but got a new fisheye and was taking some shots. LMK what u think no P/P
  7. firemedic0135

    FS: Canon 30D BG-E2 grip,Batteries,430ex

    Have a 30d with 8400+shutter actuations for sale.Mint condition,no problems with the camera.does have a couple of white scratches on top where the "L" lens rubbed it in the bag but they are small. $700 OBO Canon BG-E2 grip with 2 batteries $175 obo Canon 430 ex like new $230 obo
  8. firemedic0135

    Canon Ef Lenses (50mm,28-135mm)

    Have a mint 28-135mm IS zoom for sale 300+paypal,shipping Have a brand new never mounted 50mm nifty fifty 1.8 70+paypal,shipping I will try them here and on another board and then they go on ebay tonight if someone dosnt grab them here.
  9. firemedic0135

    Aerial Photog question

    I am going to go in the air with a friend who has a plane to shoot the fall colors. My question is what is the best time of day for light that will bring out the colors and not just cast shadows. I know that 1 hour after sunrise or one before sunset are the best for outdoor photog but are they...
  10. firemedic0135

    FS: 70-200mm canon 2.8 L No-IS

    This is my favorite lens but due to money issues I have to sell until next year when I will get another one. The lens is flawless and has not a scratch one on the body or glass. Tripod ring,lens bag,hood,all included. I can post some pics tonight when I get back I really hate to sell this lens...
  11. firemedic0135

    On site photo buisness ??

    I am looking to get started with my sports photography buisness this fall when soccer gets going.There are no other photogs here offering this service and I have a few questions before I try to go much further. My plan as of right now is to pass out cards with my website/flickr so that parents...
  12. firemedic0135

    3rd Party Batt. Grip?

    Anyone using a 3rd party battery grip for the 30d? They are about 1/2 the price of the canon bg-e2 but I would rather have a good grip than something that is Junky. Thanks
  13. firemedic0135

    Fs/Ft: EF 75-300mm lll NIB

    New in Box.came with my 30D but I dont need it.If you need one let me know. will trade for a BG-E2 Grip. Here is the ebay url
  14. firemedic0135

    The Big Brown Truck is here.....

    I thought for a minute I had been scammed on ebay when I opened the box and saw this:stun: Nothing but abunch of trash!!! Then upon further inspection I began to uncover some things and finally the moment I have been waiting for, for the last week:drool: Now I only have to wait for...
  15. firemedic0135

    Any good artists here??

    I am looking for a good artist to draw out a scene I have in mind.Dont really know where else to look for some help but if you are a good artist LMK if you can help.
  16. firemedic0135

    FS:Canon ef mount Sigma 70-200mm 2.8

    Just bought the Canon version of this lens and need to move this sigma version.All glass is clean and clear.Has rear cap,hood,uv filter,and bag. Pics and ebay url
  17. firemedic0135

    Crazy Good Photoshop skills

    Check out what this guy can do to this Fat chick!!
  18. firemedic0135

    Pretty Good Deal On CF at Best Buy

    The have the sandisk extreme3 2gb for 49.99 Not to shabby for some high speed memory.
  19. firemedic0135

    Fs Sony A100,Lenses,Extras

    Going to a 30D and selling off all my sony alpha stuff. A100 Body Minolta 18-70mm 3.5-5.6 Tokina 80-200mm 2.8 Sigma 135-400mm 4.5-5.6 Minolta 50mm 1.4 crossed XX Model Tamron 28-105mm 2.8 Remote Shutter Release A100 DVD that has detailed info for the various functions.
  20. firemedic0135

    Goodbye Sony, Going to Canon

    Won an auction on ebay last night for a 30d and 18-55mm kit lens and a 75-300mm zoom, and a 430ex?I think speedlight.all for 1200.00 usd. Looked like a pretty good deal to me so let me know if I did all right.I am not really interested in the glass and will prob sell them to help cover the cost...