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  1. dsiglin

    First and Last Light in the Dolomites of Italy

    The semi-autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige is an oddity in Italy, conquered by the Romans in antiquity it passed to Germanic tribes and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It wasn’t until the end of World War I that this region was annexed into Italy. During that conflict the high alpine...
  2. dsiglin

    [Question] Technical tiips for street portraits

    By street portrait I mean a mutually agreed photo of a stranger, so I'm not talking about typical "sniping" street photography. I am a personable person so asking to take the photo isn't really the problem. I am wondering what are some technical tips and tricks that might help me take better...
  3. dsiglin

    Regarding field of view and sensor size

    This much I know: When you take a 50mm full frame lens and put it on say a Sony APS-C mirrorless you have the field of view equivalent of 75mm lens on full frame. Here's my question: Those full frame lenses are designed to cast a wider circle of light than the APS-C sensor. This is why you get a...
  4. dsiglin

    Practicing portraits in an old mill

    I used to hate the idea of shooting with flash, telling myself I had to keep pure and use only natural light. That madness has passed and while I still love natural light, I appreciate the control and creativity flash offers. I just ordered another flashgun unit and some softboxes. This set of...
  5. dsiglin

    Couples shoot at an old bleachery

    There's this really cool, very large (800k sq ft) mill near my house that is slowly being converted into artist studios and a very nice coffee shop. One of the artists there does tintype photography. Anyways, I have some friends who haven't had couple photos done in ages so I offered to take...
  6. dsiglin

    Film Double Exposures

    So I bought an Olympus XA thinking I would love it. Ended up it had a fading rangefinder spot so I sent it back but not before trying my hand at double exposure with some Fujifilm Superia 200. I shot one stop underexposed for each time through. I think next time I'll try normal exposure to lose...
  7. dsiglin

    On Axis fill light, ring light vs parabolic

    Hey guys, I'm going to be shooting a series of portraits in a few weeks and am contemplating buying a second flash to compliment my shoot through white umbrella and flash. I like the look of on axis fill when combined with a typical 45 degree high camera right flash. I'm wondering if anyone...
  8. dsiglin

    Some questions and a crazy idea for continuous lighting film portraits

    First my main question: I've become comfortable using speedlights for digital portraits, but I do not even want to think about using them for film portraits, for a variety of reasons. Is my only option for mobile continuous lighting going to be an expensive mobile AC power pack? Second my...
  9. dsiglin

    Kodak ProPhoto XL 100 - three photos

    Not too much that I can find about this film. It seems it is sold in the Asian markets and then shipped to the US. I found a guy on Amazon selling $3 a roll so I ordered 10 rolls. I recently purchased a Canon EOS 3 for a ridiculous price considering it was a top of the line camera not too long...
  10. dsiglin

    A portrait of true beauty

    Looking at this portrait of my mother I see how even though age has lined her face it has just accented the kindness I remember. She is in her 60s now but in my mind she is 40, a much younger and less frail woman. Thanksgiving gave me the chance to try out my Minolta AF lenses on the camera they...
  11. dsiglin

    First family photoshoot, lessons learned

    I learned a few things. 1. Even though I'm against "pray and spray" shooting, in situations with a very active 2 year old this is a legitimate method. 2. You can have a list of shots you want to do but if kid isn't having a good day you can kiss that list goodbye. My coworker wanted some photos...
  12. dsiglin

    Captain America and Batman pick up chicks, Woody creeps

    Times Square is a colorful place, and I'm not talking about the neon signs. The final photo is one of my favorites from this trip. So creepy. And there were three of these suckers roaming around staring creepily.
  13. dsiglin

    A slice of the Big Apple

    From a recent NYC trip. The middle photo was taken with my phone and as it turns out is very similar to a famous scene from Once Upon A Time In America. Bottom one if from the staten island ferry so sadly it was a little blurry. C&C welcome.
  14. dsiglin

    Moments for Reflection in the Big Apple

    Took the sister and brother in law to NYC for their first time. I spent most of my free time eating dumplings in Chinatown but on occasion I whipped out the Nex5n. Being a few days before Halloween there were quite a few people in appropriate dress. These two were especially impressive so I...
  15. dsiglin

    Jumping off rock

    First things first, I would NOT recommend jumping off the overlook rock. Second, if you are going to make it here you need a four wheel drive vehicle. I have an old 1992 Jeep Cherokee which has been confined to mostly city driving the last few years. Yesterday I piled in a few friends and the...
  16. dsiglin

    The first birthday

    A friend recently hosted her daughter's first birthday. The theme was "Totoro" so I was definitely going to go being a big Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli fan. This little lady is just learning to walk and she is developing her own personality. We all had a great time spoiling her. :) One of the...
  17. dsiglin

    Portraits of the Professor as a Young Man

    Recently had dinner at a friends house and since he owed me for introducing him to his newly wedded wife I convinced him to pose for me. He just landed a job teaching college level history courses and knowing his great love for all things antique we went about shooting something that borrowed...
  18. dsiglin

    Futzing around with backlit portrait - C&C welcome

    So after trying and failing with my first attempt at backlit portraits I'm at it again, hopefully with better success. This time around I had a particular look I wanted to emulate, somewhat gritty, washed out and backlit in a "retro-cinematic" style. I wish I could find the original photo that...
  19. dsiglin

    Futzing around with a cell phone, a car, and long exposures

    A few days ago I watched this video Near the end the photographer shows how to light a car without 60k in lighting equipment using long exposures or multiple shots. Well, I only have one speedlight and I definitely don't have a Lamborghini, just a Mazda 3 hatchback. I do like the aggressive...
  20. dsiglin

    Scenes from a jockey lot

    Jockey Lots (also known as flea markets) are a great place to find colorful characters. Went there early this morning with a friend just to check it out. Here's some images captured with a Minolta Autofocus 50mm 1.7 via LEA2 adapter. I just got the lens and am putting it through its paces. This...