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  1. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Arboretum in Winter

  2. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Got my first job commission!

    Hey everybody! I need just a couple opinions. Someone has asked me to photograph her, with her dog, in a nice pose outdoors. She wants to print it large, B/W, and send it framed as a gift. She'll pay me but wants to know what I charge. Um.... I don't know!!! :lol: I've got a 350D, a nice...
  3. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Spring, thank GOD!!!!

    It's here in Chicago! Went to the Morton Arboretum today, first time my camera has seen the outdoors since January! :blushing: In the meantime it has enjoyed doing some nice product shots at work... But here is what it really likes to do! I decided I felt like shooting almost all macro today...
  4. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Just saying hello

    Because I haven't been on the forum in....a month?? So for those of you who know I exist, HELLO! I got a new job 3 months ago to replace my old one where I did nothing alllllll daaaaaaay. Now I work in a much more exciting, stimulating, and fun place....but work ten times harder, LOL. So I...
  5. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Wide-angles with the 1.6x Crop

    Hey all...sorry if this is overdiscussed, but I can't quite find specific enough answers for myself personally. My next lenses will most likely be a macro and a wide-angle (I have the 50mm prime now and love it, it's a great walk-around, but I am wanting more). I've picked out the macro I...
  6. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Help!!! What on earth?!

    I'm angry and frustrated and confused. I just got a new f/1.8 50mm Canon lens for my 350D. I bought also an adapter ring from 52mm to 58mm, so I could use all my 58mm filters on it. I got the lens brand new. Put it on camera. Put on adapter ring. Put on filter. Shot many pictures. Got very...
  7. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Macro Conversion?

    Please pardon me if this is a stupid question or has already been posted....I didn't see it when I looked. :confused: I just ordered the f/1.8 50mm lens and i'm excited to use it because of its sharpness and huge aperture. But I'm wondering if there is any way to put a converter, or a...
  8. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Arboretum in Winter

    Went to the Morton Arboretum today. Learned that I am not (yet) :grumpy: a nature photographer by any stretch. LOL. All OTE and open to critique; thank you for looking! 1. A touch of red 2. Frozen in time 3. Waiting for spring 4. Wishful Thinking 5. Remnants of...
  9. PachelbelsCanon350D

    A droplet!

    I finally caught some. LOL. The most cliche shot ever. I can't wait to try for more interesting, weird ones when I get my 50mm.
  10. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Nothing special

    Just a 10 minute walk to get away from my desk. Brought my neckstrappy-friend. 1. What's so dangerous? *looks around* 2. The clock tower on top of the studio where I work. 3. An apartment doorway 4. Torture Chamber (ok, sorry, that's what I think of when I look at...
  11. PachelbelsCanon350D

    My Beloved Piano - NO 56K!

    Hi everyone, Tonight I set out to do a study of my beloved baby grand piano. It is a Charles Frederick Stein that was given to my grandmother for her 16th birthday, then given to my mother, and then given to me. It was manufactured in 1934, and the company who made it, which was in Chicago...
  12. PachelbelsCanon350D

    The only colors I could find

    Went out during lunch today, searching high and low for colors. I just love Chicago in winter. :grumpy: Here is what I found! Sorry they are soft; I've got a cheapie lens that doesn't focus nicely at full telephoto, and I think it gets even more temperamental in the cold! 3939 . . ...
  13. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Do NOT sit here!

    I work in a design studio hidden on the 5th floor of an old factory building that still manufactures circular sawblades. I was walking through the hallway when I saw this whole pallet of sawblades and it just struck me as humorous....they look so mean all sitting there together. I only had...
  14. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Pigeons Warming Up

    Chicago is at times known, unfortunately, for its brazen pigeon population. They'll come close enough to kick, and only budge if they think they will be kicked. I was at a plaza when I saw a bunch of them all surrounding an "eternal flame" that is lit at the plaza, and I just thought it was...
  15. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Marshall Fields...oops

    What DIDN'T go wrong with this photo? :lmao: I was trying to photograph the famous clocks on Marshall Fields on State St. in Chicago. BUT... 1. The camera was a day old. I was still finding new buttons. 2. The white balance was set on Tungsten, and I was in overcast skies. 3. The...
  16. PachelbelsCanon350D

    CUT HER OFF!!!

    I'd had ohhh, 13 drinks in 5 hours? Shot this one with my SD100 at 4 in the morning. I don't even know who this is. Oh my. Cut this girl off. :lmao:
  17. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Hello! Noob here!

    Hi everyone, I was led here by a friend with the same two loves I have: dogs and Canons. :heart: I'm brand new in this d-SLR world and hoping that I can learn a lot from everyone here! I'm a bit shy about posting my own photos yet as I'm still learning! I've got a little Canon SD100 that...