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    So many hobbies! So little time!

    Well, I'm guessing that most of us on this forum don't shoot professionally and use photography as a outlet and as a hobby, so I figured maybe some you guys might be in the same boat as I am and might have something to say about this. Also, if you don't want to read my venting and ranting...
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    Has anyone ever been robbed or mugged while out shooting?

    I took a trip to Caracas last October and my sister decided to take her D3000 with her along with some sony point and shoot and that alone gave me goosebumps. One night we were heading back to our hotel and we stopped by a bakery that was open at about 11pm. My "smart" sister takes out her point...
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    Red-Tailed Hawk, American Robin, and Squirrel. Which one doesn't fit?

    Yea I agree. I don't usually do alot of wildlife photography and had already done of cropping on the first 2 shots. The first and last were a little hard to focus on the subject too. The reason I included so much background is because I didnt want the subject smack dab in the middle of the...
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    Red-Tailed Hawk, American Robin, and Squirrel. Which one doesn't fit?

    Just some critters around my house. I was in the parking lot near my house and heard a loud bird in the small woods by the parking lot and saw a hawk on a small nest. So I stood there looking to see what it was doing and a few seconds later an even larger hawk swooped in with a medium sized...
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    Day at the zoo

    I completely agree with you guys. I tried to get shots at eye level with the Coyote, not Wolf, but there was just too much fence and it probably would've have the same inferior feel that the POV gave. I'll post the shots at eye level I got of the Coyote and Jaguar which I would prefer but there...
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    Day at the zoo

    Went to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. Got some decent shots. Tried to capture as little cage, fence and enclosure as possible. Some animals that I really wanted to capture were either far away or had too much cage in front of them. My favorite photo is either the Otter, Gilla Monster, or...
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    Cimetery at night

    I love having night sessions in cemeteries. Theyre so peaceful and you have so much to work with. Yours don't look too bad, just could use a little fine tuning. Make them more focused; not only in the actual picture but on an object. The street lights take away a lot of the whole graveyard feel...
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    Sad day for bird of prey lovers... :(

    Actually the reason birds fly into windows so often is because they see the reflection of the trees outside and don't know it's a reflection. They see a tree and go full speed hoping to land on a branch but end up either dead or dazed. Kinda sad. Some people have attempted to put some sort of...
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    Feed me your dreams...

    So I had this really dark, creepy, ultra vivid dream last night and I can't get over thinking of it. It made so much sense and it seemed like a movie. Just had to vent and tell someone. Share your dreams. So I live in a 1800's Victorian style house with really wide staircases but on the bottom...
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    A few night shots for C&C

    Oh wow I completely forgot you could do that. How do you get access to the image-specific properties and other properties?
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    A few night shots for C&C

    Honestly, I dont remember. I took that one a year and a half ago I think. It was straight moonlight and very little editing. I was a bit surprised it came out so well too. Believe it or not, that one was with a point and shoot. If I had to say what the settings were I think the shutter speed was...
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    A few night shots for C&C

    Let me know what you guys think and possibly some tips on taking better nighttime shots. I have a "thing" for having sessions at night.
  13. Forgotten Station

    Forgotten Station

    The railroad station that was used in Lawrence, MA in the 80's and 90's I believe. That fenced in part is where one of the entrances were and stairs led down the street.
  14. Wessel


    Some graves at the cemetery in Lawrence, MA
  15. Fountain


    Parking lot of Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas
  16. Rooftop at Night

    Rooftop at Night

    On the rooftop in Venezuela
  17. Hotel Lobby

    Hotel Lobby

    Hotel lobby in Venezuela while Venezuela is playing futbol on tv against Argentina in the semifinals