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  1. jhodges10

    There's no dummie light on a D800

    So today me, my wife and my father in law took my son sledding. My father in law brought over a toboggan and the 3 of them went down the hill while I was blissfully snapping away. After about 25 shots I thought I'd make sure everything looked ok but before I could look at the playback I noticed...
  2. jhodges10

    The candy man

    Went to the Cincinnati Zoo for their Festival of Lights, thought this shot was kind of fun.
  3. jhodges10

    Balluminaria Cincinnati, OH

    Anyone going to shoot Balluminaria at Eden Park this evening? I wanted to go but I'm suddenly flying solo and don't want to have to just babysit my gear the whole time. Wish I'd thought to set this as a meetup a couple weeks ago. If anyone in the Cincinnati area is heading to it lt me know and...
  4. jhodges10

    Color correction from MPIX?

    I'm ordering from MPIX for the first time and didn't know if I should have them do color correction or if I should decline it? Ive got a calibrated IPS monitor and the photos look the way I want them on my screen so I wasn't sure which way to go. Any insight is appreciated.
  5. jhodges10

    First wedding shoot C&C please

    These are a few of the photos I felt were the best of the bunch. I have my own thoughts as to what I did wrong but I'd like to get some other opinions to get a better picture (pun intended) of where I need improvement. These are all SOOC but I will be editing them so suggestions on edits are...
  6. jhodges10

    The Filmless Camera

    His link is to a Popular Mechanics article from 1985. It's a pretty funny picture and read about the original digital cameras.
  7. jhodges10

    Calibrated my monitor decided I need an IPS

    Can't decide if I'm glad I found TPF or annoyed at all the money I've been spending on equipment I didn't even know existed a couple of months ago. That being said I bought a Spyder 4 Elite and calibrated the non IPS monitor I've been using and it looks like crap. It's basically a 24" Dynex LCD...
  8. jhodges10

    Soccer Photos First time doing PP

    I'm looking for some CC on my edits. I typically have never edited any of my work other than an occasional crop so any evaluation will be well received even if its to tell me they look like crap. Thanks in advance. 1) edit 1) original 2) Original 2) Edit...
  9. jhodges10

    Your worst work

    As was brilliantly suggested by Unpopular in a different thread lets see everyone's worst shots. Here's a selection of mine. Vulture vomit Forgotten ISO Reflections on overexposure
  10. jhodges10

    Recent phitos of my son

    These are a few shots of my favorite practice dummy. 1. 2. Any CC is welcome. In #1 compositionally I failed to notice the reflection created in the water on the ground. I think it may have added some interest if the entire reflection was in frame. In #2 I was trying to force myself to...
  11. jhodges10

    My Greyhound

    This is one of my favorite pics. He's usually laying down sleeping or running past in a blur.