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  1. CowgirlMama

    My Son

    I'm trying to figure out flash and studio lighting. I'm basically figuring it out on my own, so progress is very slow. I'd really love CC and any advice possible. This is with two speedlights with shoot through umbrellas. Only one is manual (I'm looking at getting another, so I have more...
  2. CowgirlMama

    Copyright and Old Photos

    My mom and I are scanning all our family photos, from 1919 to about 2005. Most are family photos, but a few are professional. Most of the professional photos don't have enough information on them for me to identify where they were done. One had the company and address, but didn't show up in a...
  3. CowgirlMama

    A Kid and a Camera

    My 3 year old was begging to have pictures taken tonight (he alternates, some days he hates the camera, others, he loves it). As we were headed out the door, my dad pulled out one of his old cameras and told me to take it along to pose with. Of course, my son thought it was the best thing ever...
  4. CowgirlMama

    Pretty Cat

    This is my brother's cat. He's always happy to stretch out and look pretty for me. My biggest struggle is properly exposing both the bright white areas and the dark gray and black. Does this look pretty good? Not sure if uploading straight to the site leaves EXIF, so, just in case: ISO: 100...
  5. CowgirlMama

    Bull Riding

    The local rodeo is fast approaching (1 month!). They let me in free to take pictures, in exchange for a few for their calendar. Sweet deal for me, since I'd be there and taking pictures anyway. :P This way, I just don't have to pay and have total run of the place, including "not for the public"...
  6. CowgirlMama

    NEWB Question

    So, I have access to a film camera (I can't tell you the model right off because my dad has to dig it out, though he's happy to let me use it) and supplies to develop film. I have my dad to help with the developing process and have used the camera before. It's what I first started learning...
  7. CowgirlMama

    "GIve me your raw files!"

    How would you respond if someone told you to hand over your raw files? In this case, it's a relative asking for the raw versions of pictures that I took of her kids while babysitting. I gave her final, processed images because she's family and this was just for fun. Besides, I got some great...
  8. CowgirlMama

    Plus Size Poses

    I have a friend who'd like me to take some pictures of her. I've worked with plus sized people before, but not as big as her. I can't find *anything* in googling to show me how to pose someone between 250 and 300 pounds. I want her to look pretty, not awkward and fat. I know that the pose is...
  9. CowgirlMama

    Why Do People Hate "Editing"?

    I "edit" (process) every photo I take. Since I shoot raw, that's kind of a must. ;) My aunt believes that all processing is evil and ruins the truth of the photo and has trained her children to recognize an "edited" photo. Not that any of them (some adults) actually can. But they're all quick to...
  10. CowgirlMama

    My 3 Year Old

    It was cloudy, so the lighting's a bit flat. Doesn't help that I got there and realized I'd forgotten my reflector AND flash. :oops: Any thoughts are welcome. :)
  11. CowgirlMama

    Bald Eagle

    The eagles are migrating through my area. According to the wildlife refuge, more than 300 bald eagles have travelled through. I took this at the refuge. I was a little bummed that it was a cloudy day, but I was close to an eagle, so I can't complain too much. :sexywink: This guy caught a fish...
  12. CowgirlMama

    Dumbest Bee Ever?

    Ok, so it's dead. ;) But I still thought it was funny. This bee is part of an Iowa prairie display with several animals. I thought it was funny that he was sitting on an obviously artificial flower, though. :lmao:
  13. CowgirlMama

    Camera Bag

    I am in desperate need of a new camera bag. My new body (Canon 6D) barely even fits in what I have. I need something that can hold the body, 2-3 lenses, a flash and some random bits and pieces (memory, batteries, etc.). I'm not good at buying camera bags, at all. I haven't had one that was...
  14. CowgirlMama

    My Kitty

    This cat loves to strike a pose for me. When I started taking pictures, he was the only model I could find, so I guess he got used to being asked to be still and look over here. :lol: I bribed him with string cheese this time. ;) And... Sticking his tongue out at me. He's gotten less...
  15. CowgirlMama

    Lioness and Cubs

    I don't have any super amazing shots, but the local zoo has new lion cubs (first lions born there in 20 years!). They're three weeks old and pretty adorable. Just thought it would be fun to share some pictures, even though I couldn't exactly choose where to shoot from and didn't have my...
  16. CowgirlMama

    All Dressed Up!

    It's been a couple months since I did pictures of my two year old, besides the regular candids, so I dressed him up and brought him out for pictures. The wind picked up suddenly, so I ended up taking pictures for a total of 15 minutes. Oops. But I got some I really like in that time. It was...
  17. CowgirlMama

    Horse's Eye

    I've been trying to get an eye shot for ages, but the horses all shy from my camera close to their faces or move too much because of flies. Apparently, though, a hot pink iPhone is much less intimidating. :P I'll keep trying with my regular camera, but this will do for now.
  18. CowgirlMama

    Horses C&C

    I went out to take pictures of a friend's horses tonight (I'm free to go any time I want, just for fun) and got to experiment with shooting inside an old barn that they now have access to. I hadn't planned for the barn, expecting them to be in the pasture, so I didn't have the world's best lens...
  19. CowgirlMama

    My Dogs

    I was just playing around with my camera a couple days ago and shot this. I really had no aim other than to take pictures for the sake of doing it. I do that sometimes if I'm bored, but really don't have the option to set things up for quality shots. Normally, my dogs are crazy. The corgi chases...
  20. CowgirlMama

    ND Filter

    Is it possible to make an ND filter? I have one, but I have a long distance friend who needs one and wondered if it was possible to make one. The only instructions I've been able to locate require polarizing filters to use together or something along those lines. Is it possible to make one until...