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    Hi again!

    no longer viable -
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    ICM Lily

    " Lily Soft illusion" Single shot, in camera ICM of a princess lily. ICM lily by Carolyn Maguire, on Flickr
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    PSE10 and brush appearance

    I have looked online and in my PSE10 book and can't seem to find an answer. Does anyone know if, and how, you can change the appearance of a brush [spot removing tool, clone tool, burn tool etc] so its easier to see on screen. I can't always see the tiny outline circle of the brush anymore and...
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    Creative blur Vintage Floral

    This is a creative blur image using single shot in camera ICM from my new series "Vintage Floral" Vintage Floral Series Edit by Carolyn Maguire, on Flickr
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    I don't take many landscape style shots. This was taken from a moving car last October. And no, I was not driving. :1247: Single shot in camera ICM. ICM by Carolyn Maguire, on Flickr
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    ICM\Creative blur

    This is more of a creative blur image, but slight ICM was used in the process as well as quick short turns on a zoom lens. I prefer a faded pastel look to many of my images. I like the dreamy quality it tends to add. My images are all single shot in camera ICM's, not double exposure, not made in...
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    Did I do the wrong thing?

    Wondering if I did the wrong thing with the way I went with finding and removing the dust spots in my photos. Basically I chose what seemed like the easiest way, but now that I've struggled to do 145 photos to get my website, flickr and facebook page back and running, I'm not sure. When I...
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    layers in PSE10

    I was told about dust spots in my photos. I know I need to get my camera sensor cleaned. For right now however I'd like to clean up the photos I have already taken. I have sight problems and find it hard to see the spots, I have removed those I saw, but was told there were others. I searched...
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    My Apologies

    I'm posting this here because I figured it is the most likely place for it to be seen by most members. First I would like to apologize for my mistake in misunderstanding what someone wrote on a recent post of mine. I misread it and thought he meant he had edited out the spots from my photo...
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    ICM\Creative blur

    I am aware my images have dust spots. Please try to ignore them. I have been encouraged by a few here including a mod and admin to keep posting my images despite the spots, I can't have my sensor cleaned right now, I have vision problems and I remove the spots I can see. This is a creative blur...
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    ICM "Painting look alike"

    "Painting Look A Like" Creative blur image using ICM as well as short turns in an out on a zoom lens. Single shot in camera, minimal editing for crop and contrast etc. I zoomed in on this before posting to look for dust spots. Also had my husband check it, we saw nothing, hopefully no one else...
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    ICM floral

    This is a finished image. I prefer to use more muted pastel colors rather than bold harsh colors, at least in most of my floeal images. This is a single shot ICM, done totally in camera. Minimal editing for crop, color etc. iso 100, f\13 at 0.6 seconds, natural light from a window on
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    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="ICM" title="ICM"><img src="" width="1000" height="669" alt="ICM"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Decided to come back

    Hi, my name is Carol and I've been a member here for I guess it's 10 years or more, but I left for awhile a couple years ago. Bored with facebook, I decided to return here. I have an education in fine art and I consider myself a visual artist, not a photographer; photography is simply the...
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    ICM - Leaves

    An ICM shot of some remaining Maple leaves.
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    Fall Reflections

    Taken at Hopewell Lake in French Creek State Park, Elverson PA. Thoughts welcome.
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    ICM - fuchsia geranium

    I shot this using intentional camera movement as well as making a quick twist on the zoom lens. Thoughts welcome.
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    Dahlia - ICM image

    One of my latest ICM flower images. Thoughts welcome.
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    A Passing to note -

    Just saw that Mary Ellen Mark, age 75 passed away Monday.
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    old threads resurfacing

    There seems to be a lot of older threads resurfacing in the last few weeks. Since many of the older threads were started by members who aren't even here anymore and in some cases never even came back to get the responses they did get to the post originally. Would it possibly be of a benefit, to...