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  1. Johnboy2978

    Beattie Coleman Portronic Camera

    Hello folks. Was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is worth anything or just a trip to the dump. From what I can tell, I think it's a Beattie Coleman portronic camera. It has a f/4.5 182 mm lens. It belonged to a neighbors husband who died several years ago. He was a photographer...
  2. Johnboy2978

    Re-inventing reality with an i-Phone

    Ran across this on Distractify and thought others here may enjoy it This French Photographer Uses His iPhone To Invent His Own Reality
  3. Johnboy2978

    Captain America!

    Here's a couple of shots I took of my nephew a while back on his birthday. He received a bunch of Captain America stuff which is his favorite character. I thought it made a nice b/w even though the background is a bit busier that I would've liked. It just started out as a quick snap shot but...
  4. Johnboy2978

    Play Ball

    Here's a shot from last Sunday's Indians / Whitesox game. I had pretty good seats, but unfortunately, the safety net interfered a bit with this shot. Thoughts?
  5. Johnboy2978

    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Here's a color version of an image that I've been working on of the Marblehead lighthouse in Ohio. Comments and critique are appreciated. A b/w version is here for comparison:
  6. Johnboy2978

    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Hello all. It's been a long while since I've posted anything here. I was at the Marblehead Lighthouse this past week and I thought I'd post this for your thoughts. Comments and critique are appreciated. Thanks for looking
  7. Johnboy2978

    Legalities of release forms in photography

    I work for a non-profit mental health agency and over the last couple of years, we have hired a couple of ladies who do PR for the agency. Part of their responsibilities include publishing brochures and advertisements for the agency which occasionally includes pictures of actual patients we...
  8. Johnboy2978

    2012 Christmas Card pic

    Well, here it is. Just uploaded to Mpix for our annual Christmas Card. Each year, I think it will be the last before my daughter stops believing in Santa. This year I incorporated "Luke" our Elf on the Shelf. Luke has been found in some interesting spots this year since it may very well be...
  9. Johnboy2978

    Bridezilla and wedding photography

    Caught a couple of episodes of this show this weekend and saw this one: Bridezilla Liza and her demanding ways! - YouTube I've shot only a few weddings in my time and never relied on photography to be my sole income. I can honestly say though, mortgage or not, I would've laughed at this lady...
  10. Johnboy2978

    Elakala Falls in B&W

    I was playing around with editing a shot of Elakala falls that I took the other day, and just for kicks, I tried a B/W conversion of it. What are your thoughts? You can contrast it with the color version here. I...
  11. Johnboy2978


    I had something else in mind when I shot this and was going more for a saturated color type thing, but decided on a b/w conversion. Not sure I like it. Thoughts?
  12. Johnboy2978


    This was kind of an after thought of a shot, but I kind of like it....thoughts? It was taken through a store front window, so there are some reflections that I didn't want, but it is, what it is.
  13. Johnboy2978

    Blackwater Falls

    Another falls shot from my recent trip to Davis WV. Comments?
  14. Johnboy2978


    I saw this scene on my way to photograph something else, and thought it was screaming out for a b/w photo. Thoughts?
  15. Johnboy2978

    Elakala Falls

    Hello all. Long time since I've posted anything. I just got back from a quick trip to Davis WV to photograph the Elekala Falls. Here's one I came back with. The water level was a bit low, and if you've seen this fall before, you may have seen it's indicative swirling pool in the lower right...
  16. Johnboy2978

    Photoshop CS6 and Camera Raw 7

    Nevermind. I think I see what the issue is.
  17. Johnboy2978

    2011 Christmas Card

    Well, just shot and ordered our yearly Christmas card. Running a little behind but I think we'll be okay. Kind of similar to the one I did last year, but somewhat different. Care to share your thoughts?
  18. Johnboy2978

    Furniture - First attempt

    Well, here's my first attempt at photographing furniture. This was for an antique shop which is very crowded. I think I would prefer having everything staged in an actual studio so that you can control the BG. Items w/ mirrors are really distracting. I'd appreciate any comments. I know...
  19. Johnboy2978

    Furniture photography

    I have a small job with a local antique shop and the owner wants about 4 shots of some of her nicer furniture that she can use for her web page. She apparently sent in some of her own shots and the web designer encouraged her to hire someone instead to do them. She is going to stage the...