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  1. treeafodo

    Vehicle Shoot - Motorcycle and Truck

    Hey guys, I would just like to get some feedback/critique about 2 shoots that I did. I made a local posting offering to do some photo shoots for $10, essentially enough to cover gas and a little bit on top of that since I'm more than happy to do it. I just want to get some opinions on my work so...
  2. treeafodo

    Darksky, Sunset, Storm

    Since I haven't posted in a while rather than creating multiple threads focused on one topic I'll post it all in one. This is some of my most recent work, other than the bus graveyard thread which is here. 1: Dark sky...
  3. treeafodo

    Bus Graveyard

    I stopped by a bus graveyard the other day. It was really cool to see old city buses that were, one day, replied upon by hundreds of people to carry out their daily lives, now rotting away being taken over by nature. The scene was taken directly out of a horror movie. The wind was howling...
  4. treeafodo

    First Sunrise

    The sunrise this morning. First time I've ever watched one. It was amazing how fast it actually rose into the clouds and out of sight., I wasn't expecting that nor how much the colors of the sky actually changed from frame to frame. What do you think, and what would you improve? Sunrise March...
  5. treeafodo

    First Time Photographing Birds

    Before work today my Mom asked me if I wanted to head to the local marina to birdwatch with her. I said sure, and I'm glad I did! Hundreds of birds! Since it was my first time taking shots of any bird I'm glad there were lots of opportunities. lol This is just a portion of what was out there...
  6. treeafodo

    Left Behind

    This strip is located about 15 minutes away from my house. It was opened August 25,1968-1971, it's been rotting away ever since. I wish I was around to see it when it was opened. I will be going back once the snow melts to try to get some better shots. Rest of the set...
  7. treeafodo

    Morphing Fruit?!

    So I built a home made light box yesterday. It only cost me $1.15 lol Pear? Apple? Orange? by Austin Rajki, on Flickr Ghost Bannana by Austin Rajki, on Flickr
  8. treeafodo

    Painted My Car- with Light

    1:This is my second attempt light painting my car. What do you guys think? Mia- Lightpaint by Austin Rajki, on Flickr 2: Not my car, but same idea: Lightpaint by Austin Rajki, on Flickr 3:Then just for fun: Vroom Vroom by Austin Rajki, on Flickr
  9. treeafodo

    When Life Gives You Lemons

    What are your thoughts on this? How can I improve the clarity as this is shot through a round drinking glass? When it comes to macro I need a lot of help.:meh: When Life Gives You Lemons by Austin Rajki, on Flickr
  10. treeafodo

    Abandoned Farm House

    This is a house that is right across from my girlfriend's house. We walked over and tried out some sparklers I picked up earlier that day. What do you guys think? 1: Abandoned Barn by Austin Rajki, on Flickr 2: Abandoned Garage by Austin Rajki, on Flickr 3: This was in a stall of the old...
  11. treeafodo

    Last Seconds of Light

    Not much of a story behind this shot, but I rushed out to one of the only hills in this flat county. I parked my car and ran to the top of the hill as fast as I could. By the time I had the tripod set up this is all that was left of the sun in the sky. 3 short exposures later it was completely...
  12. treeafodo

    My walk to work today

    Lately I've been walking to work for a couple reasons. First is to save gas, and second I want to be able to take a picture if I see something. This one was on my walk this afternoon. There is a bunch of cat tails in the ditch I cross while taking a short cut. Pretty much my first time shooting...
  13. treeafodo

    Forgotten - Abandoned House

    What do you think and what could I improve on? Forgotten by Austin Rajki, on Flickr Rusty Bedsprings - I.P. Nightly by Austin Rajki, on Flickr
  14. treeafodo

    First Time Shooting a Skyline

    This is my first time shooting a skyline. What do you guys think, also what could I improve on? Detroit Skyline by Austin Rajki, on Flickr
  15. treeafodo

    A Calm Night

    Could I get some critique on these? January 13, 2014 Nikon D3000 w/ Nikon 18-55 f/ 1:3.5-5.8 lens. No editing. Right after work I went out for a drive and stopped at a couple spots. This first one was done in a little park on the river by an ice cream shop that I visit often during the...
  16. treeafodo

    Nikon D90 - Good Idea?

    I am currently shooting with a D3000 that my mom has lent to me. During Christmas time my uncle asked if I was interested in his low shutter count D90 with a kit lens so that I would have my own camera. He texted me today with a price, he said $500 Canadian with the 18-105 kit lense. I know...
  17. treeafodo

    Tree's Progress

    Hopefully these types of threads are allowed. I'm new to the forum and photography for that matter. I am creating this thread for a couple reasons. First of all would be so that I can get critique on my pictures all in one place, secondly so that I can keep myself on track for regular (weekly at...
  18. treeafodo

    treeafodo - New Here

    Hey guys, lately I've been wanting to take up photography more and more so I decided to join a forum to help aid my learning process. I will more than likely be lurking and hanging out in the noob section for a while until my skills develop. My flickr account is in my signature if you'd like to...