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  1. eastwest4023

    FujiFilm X-S10 Mint Condition for Sale

    I've been debating for some time if I should sell my X-S10. It is like new. I did another thread talking about the two cameras that I own. I also own the X-T3. Both X-S10 and X-T3 produce excellent images but the X-S10 may have a slight advantage in movie quality. I'm not into movies. My X-T3 is...
  2. eastwest4023

    Should I sell my FujiFilm X-S10 camera?

    I have two FujiFilm cameras. The X-T3 and the X-S10. I bought the X-S10 in December as a Christmas present for myself. The X-S10 takes excellent pictures but I find myself grabbing the X-T3 for my gigs. I guess old habits are hard to break. Actually, there is nothing wrong with my X-T3 but for...
  3. eastwest4023

    New here but not new to photography.

    I've been out of the info loop lately so I'm here as an observer and need be share. Actually, my social life has been in the dumps lately so maybe sharing would be a good pick me up. :stung: Every forum is different so once I get the lay of the land I'll be more comfortable.