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    Extreme Home Makeover: Foreclosure

    Wow, they had a beatiful new house, taxes paid for 25 years, full trust funding for all of their kids to go to college and they threw it all away. Here's another artical with a little more color...
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    Poor Picture Quality

    My sister owns a Sony DCR-TRV38 digital video camera that takes still pics as well. The camera never did take stellar still photos but it did a good enough job for snap shots at family gatherings, kids birthdays etc. Within the last couple of months we have noticed the quality of the photographs...
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    Watercolor Girls

    I was messing around with this photo of my niece and daughter last night, my daughter is in the red top, looking for a good effect and came up with this. It's more than just a simple watercolor effect and to be honest I am now trying to remember exactly what i did to get to this point. It was...
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    Chicago/Sears Tower

    I took this pic with a P&S Canon Powershot A70 from atop the Sears tower in Chicago. The sun was very bright. Comments welcome.
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    Airshows are tough...

    Out of 186 shots this is one of the best. I wish the planes would have been on the left side of the frame curling back around to the right with the smoke trailing behind them but it was some tough shooting. It's very difficult to anticipate which way an aerobatic team is going to go. :D
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    Edit Help Needed. (Warning: Hunting Photo)

    Hi all, I've been messing around with this photo trying to make it look a little better. You'll notice that the bottom of the photo is really washed out by the sun while my face has a nasty hat shadow across it. I don't need this to look perfect just better. Can anyone help me out? The link is...
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    Small Falls

    I'm looking for general critiques on this. Any tips are appreciated. Is it too close to the subject material? I know there was a little too much camera movement when the photo was taken but other than that, any thoughts?
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    I'm new here and just thought I'd check out the process for getting pics uploaded. The forum description did say more fun than serious. ;)
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    Hello all, my name is Mike. I live in currently frozen northern Wisconsin. I've always had an interest in photography but have just recently given serious thought to jumping on the DSLR wagon. There are some excellent photographers on this forum and I hope to learn a lot. Cheers! :cheers: