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  1. [JR]

    Sunrise high tide, first light of the day

    Critique and comments are very welcome, I'd just like to share some shots from the morning :) I hope you enjoy as much as I did getting up at 5.30am to take them 1 2 3 ________ EDIT ________ 4 1 & 4 are my favourites, altho you can see some seabirds in the full res of number 2.
  2. [JR]

    Flowers wallpaper

    Flowers in my backyard, was waiting for my girlfriend today so I found something to do, and this is what I ended up with. :) First try at composite images, figured I'd go for a pleasing wallpaper. Full size version here Flowers in widescreen by ~unrealmotion on deviantART
  3. [JR]

    A walk in the woods...

    I know these are quite over post processed, but that's what I was going for, photography / digital art, I suppose. The camp is my grandparents' lodge, a good 60 minute drive away from any human population... the trail is a walking trail not too far out, it goes around Mt. Sugarloaf (New...
  4. [JR]

    Red grass, red shack.

    I really like how this turned out... EDIT: C&C appreciated
  5. [JR]

    Portrait (C&C please)

    My first "serious" artistic portrait. My girlfriend was laying down on my bed and I snapped a few shots. I'd like comments and criticism on this photo... Thank you :)
  6. [JR]

    Me & girlfriend :)

    Karine came over today and we decided to take a few pictures with the strobe just to see how they'd come out... Nikon D80 with Tamron 28-300mm, the strobe is a Metz 45 CL 4 set to 1/2, I used an RCA universal remote with a Sanyo code to trip the shutter. f/7.1, 70mm, 1/60" exposure on manual...
  7. [JR]

    Parents anniversary

    So it was my parents' anniversary Monday, and they wanted a good shot of them so I took this one... My dad seems like a happy man, he recently suffered a heart attack (3 weeks ago), you could never tell from that picture :) Thank you. C&C please.
  8. [JR]

    Lighthouse HDRs

    C&C please... comment as you wish. :)
  9. [JR]

    Me and my girlfriend, Vday touch <3

    We were standing at the local gas stop, and I had my camera with me, so we sort of decided to have a moment :lol:
  10. [JR]

    Oil tanks

    So this is a bunch of tanks owned by Irving near my house... I went for a walk and decided to take some night time pics, and this be one of them.
  11. [JR]

    The savior

    I'm not religious or anything, but I thought this shot may be worth posting here. C&C please, thank you.
  12. [JR]

    Sky Blue (photomanip)

    I'd like some comments on my photomanip and overall composition, etc. I snapped this real quick, converted from RAW with Capture NX2 and did the rest in Photoshop CS2. EDIT ____________ Another photomanip, this one took a bit more time to do... This one I'd like some comments on it as well.
  13. [JR]

    Christmas pool hall

    So I went to play pool a few days before Christmas while walking back home from my girlfriend's, I happened to have my camera so, of course, I had to take a pic or two. I find it's got kind of a vintage look... C&C, knock yourself out :)
  14. [JR]

    Mama bear and little bear :)

    So I put these two teddies on the table, went in the living room, set up my tripod, and snapped this. I set up the white bear to be sitting on the big one's leg, as if they were cuddling. C&C please
  15. [JR]

    Sky HDR

    First time trying out tone mapping... gave the clouds quite a dramatic effect. Trees intentionally left darker.
  16. [JR]

    Trip to the past... ancient computing

    Technology sure advances exponentially relative to the rest of the world. I got my hands on an ancient Intel 80486DX4. This beast operates calculations at a whopping clock speed of 100MHz (pretty good in '94). In terms of age, it's not that old, but it is ancient technology. I put it on my...
  17. [JR]

    My cat - first picture I take with my new D80

    Well, I put my 50mm prime on my brand new Nikon D80 and took a shot "just to see" and this came out... I love this camera already.
  18. [JR]

    So I *bought* my first dSLR

    Well hello there TPFers, Long time no see... so I finally came 'round ordering my Christmas gift (yeah, early, I know). Nikon D80 w/ 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens & 50mm f/1.8 :) Not too bad for a "beginner" in the dSLR field?
  19. [JR]

    Picot's falls & sunset :)

    These aren't okay to edit. C&C please :)
  20. [JR]

    Golden cat

    I woke him up, oops!