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  1. Stratman

    What are thoughts on this beauty!?!?

    The link you posted is at $61 right now, IF that 50 mm 1.4 lens is in good shape, you could probably get $60 for it, maybe more. The other lens is pretty much worthless probably. If the camera is in good shape and works as it is supposed to, $60ish is not a bad deal at all. And the K1000 is not...
  2. Stratman

    my first camera, k1000

    Any Pentax K mount 50mm will be a good start. You can pick up the SMC-M 50mm F2 for peanuts, the F1.7 will be more expensive, but, it is a better ( and a half stop faster ) lens. There are also loads of third party K mount lenses on ebay. The "A" version will be easier to use when you get into a...
  3. Stratman

    Pentax screw mount #4

    Picked up this nice ES II body on ebay last week, ran a roll through it Sunday, and all seems well... Also picked up a Spotmatic SP II at Goodwill, with three lenses, SMC Takumar 55 1.8, S-M-C Takumar 35mm F3.5, and a Sears 55-135 zoom in M42 mount, total price...$30.00 One last goodwill...
  4. Stratman

    Beginner Photographer, Want to start with Film!

    Just to be clear., Pentax is just as compatible lens wise as Nikon, maybe more so. I use 45 year old Takumars on my digital Pentax ( with an adapter ) and ALL K-mount lenses will work on it too. There are LOADS of old K mount lenses on ebay.
  5. Stratman


    My latest addition. Spotmatic SP II, SMC Takumar 55mm F1.8, Super Multi Coated Takumar 35mm F3.5, and an Auto Sears 55-135 F3.5 zoom. My pop found this at Goodwill, and KNEW I would like it, all for a grand total of $30.00 Here is a shot of the camera with the 35 attached. Here is...
  6. Stratman

    Photo CD'S

    If you have a Target store near you, that does developing, they do pretty decent scans ( at least the one by me does ) and they are reasonable, I had two rolls processed, and put on ONE cd, and the total price was $6.50, that price does NOT include prints..
  7. Stratman

    My first camera

    Ricoh KR-5, still have it, I bought it new in 1980 for $99 at Fox Photo, and it's been through hell and back. Dropped it on the driveway, my buddy dropped it into a river, and it got soaked in a leaky plastic bag on the bottom of a boat, but still functions perfectly...
  8. Stratman

    Pentax Spotmatic... HELP!

    Send it here -----> Home He is THE BEST with the older Pentax film cameras.. And reasonable too, he worked for Honeywell Pentax back in the day, and opened up his own shop later...
  9. Stratman

    Received my Asahi Pentax S1a today !!

    I like it. Like to go "old school" now and then, manual camera, handheld meter.... fun stuff. The camera came with the original case in good condition, and a Focal 28mm F2.8 lens, that immediately came off :lol:. I have 4 Takumars, and opted for the Super Tak 35mm F3.5 for these shots. Got the...
  10. Stratman

    Received my Asahi Pentax S1a today !!

    It's in great condition, except for a small gouge on top of the camera from the slip on flash shoe. Ran a roll of Kodak gold 200 through it tonight, and besides user error on a few shots, everything seems fine. Tried shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/1000 ( 1/1000 isn't marked, but it's there :lol...
  11. Stratman

    Old MF Pentax lenses, Canonet, Some other stuff

    On the Spotmatic, you can use a regular 1.5 V battery in it, and the meter will work fine, assuming it works in the first place. The Spotmatics had a bridge circuit in them to compensate for voltage fluctuation. my pop has two, and the meters both work fine with a 1.5 v battery, you just have to...
  12. Stratman

    Got an old Pentax on trade.

    If you are genuinely interested in getting this camera back to like new as far as it working, send it to this guy. Link ---> Home He worked for Honeywell Pentax back in the day, and now has his own shop. If all it needs is a good cleaning and adjustment, he is pretty reasonable. I have an S1a...
  13. Stratman

    Pentax KMount Lenses

    Here are a few Takumar shots.... Super Takumar 55mm F1.8 Super Takumar 35 F3.5 S-M-C Takumar 200 F4
  14. Stratman

    Pentax KMount Lenses

    Another option is to get some old Takumar screw mount lenses and a GENUINE Pentax M42 to K mount adapter. I use the Takumars on my digital Pentaxes, and, when you get it right, they are fantastic lenses, and you will not believe the build quality of the Takumars. Like a freakin' tank, all metal...
  15. Stratman

    opinions on camera

    Don't limit yourself to just those two brands. Other manufacturers make fine entry level cameras too. Check them all out, and form your opinion that way.
  16. Stratman

    Tripod Recommendations

    This one gets a lot of positive reviews, and is easy on the bank account. Get a decent ballhead, and you'll be good to go.
  17. Stratman


    My father has a Canon T1i he wants to sell, and I tried using PhotoME to see the actual shutter count on it, and no go. ( it works on my 2 Pentax dslrs ) I tried both RAW, and JPEG photos, and still no shutter count info. Does anyone here know of a program that will show that info on a Canon?
  18. Stratman

    split image microprism focusing screens

    Are these the jinfinance screens? I know of a few people that have them, and like them. sometimes they need a shim to get really accurate focus though. But, they are much less expensive than the Katzeyes..
  19. Stratman

    Canon/Nikon - weather sealing

    Pentax have several weather sealed cameras and lenses also. The K10D, K20D, K200D, and K7 are all sealed. As far as i know, their selection of sealed lenses is a bit sparse, but the new Kit lens that comes with the K7 is sealed, as is the 50-200WR. DA*16-50 2.8, DA*50-135 2.8 and DA*60-250 F4...
  20. Stratman

    My flea market adventure

    Every one of those lenses is worth more than what you paid for the whole shebang. I would LOVE to find something like that ! I have the SMC version of the 200mm f4, and it is a nice lens. Would love to have that 35 f2 !