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  1. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Arboretum in Winter

  2. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Got my first job commission!

    Hey everybody! I need just a couple opinions. Someone has asked me to photograph her, with her dog, in a nice pose outdoors. She wants to print it large, B/W, and send it framed as a gift. She'll pay me but wants to know what I charge. Um.... I don't know!!! :lol: I've got a 350D, a nice...
  3. PachelbelsCanon350D

    supermacro shots of normal stuff

    Agree with everyone here...I love that baseball. It's just clean and classic. I think what makes it though, is the soft warm light you've got on it......just right!! I'd totally frame that and put it in my kid's room....but ain't got any just yet ;) :thumbup:
  4. PachelbelsCanon350D

    Hay Bailed

    I second that! This is stunning...I can't believe the tonal range on this, and how dark and moody it looks, yet sunny somehow....did you shoot in B/W with a red filter or something? I'd love to know the specs on this shot. :hail:
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    Good tips from Archangel. You did well though, considering! Where were these taken, they look like a really beautiful place!
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    Tennessee..calm after the storm

    Oops, realized if you click it, it gets big :D
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    Tennessee..calm after the storm

    First of all, glad you're all ok....we were all talking about that weather on Friday here in the office (Chicago)! 2nd, it looks like an awesome capture, but at least for me, it's super tiny! Maybe it's my computer (it's a bit old). I'd like to see it bigger if by chance you could!
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    Friday night storms in the South

    But I LIKE them! Especially #1. I LOVE storms....:)
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    Spring, thank GOD!!!!

    Thanks everyone, for the comments! Yes, Antarctican, I've been awfully quiet. Been a little depressed the way I always get in March in Chicago...everything is grey, cloudy, and dirty! Eew! But some nice things are going to start happening with the warmer weather and I'll get out more! :) One...
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    Daisy Hill Park

    Those are gorgeous! Such saturated colors, and I think a VERY tasteful application of this soft light effect. It can go tacky or it can be breathtaking, I think you did an excellent job and made it breathtaking! :)
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    Looks different than ours too, our robins' breasts are a bit faded and dull compared to this! :( Great capture!
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    Those are cute! In Chicago we have mostly grey squirrels too but I think I see some red ones once in a while. They're funny little guys. :lol:
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    Some bird captures

    Stunning!!! Those are gorgeous...I love the water droplets you can see on the swan's chest/belly in that fifth shot.
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    Awesome awesome awesome. :hail: Those colors are jaw-dropping and the focus is razor sharp...awesome!
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    Spring, thank GOD!!!!

    Sorry, Photobucket resized a few. They look awesome when they're big. :grumpy: Anyway, here's one I forgot...a bud that looked sugar-coated.
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    Spring, thank GOD!!!!

    It's here in Chicago! Went to the Morton Arboretum today, first time my camera has seen the outdoors since January! :blushing: In the meantime it has enjoyed doing some nice product shots at work... But here is what it really likes to do! I decided I felt like shooting almost all macro today...
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    The Monday thread

    Knew SOMEBODY would say that! :banghead: lol... My weekend was lackluster. On Friday night we watched Jarhead and on Saturday night we had friends over and watched Spidey 2. On Sunday we were bored out of our minds and just kinda hung out. :D
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    What's your weather like?

    Uh-HUH! I work on the north side of Chicago, and I drove to work today wearing a thin cotton shirt and a polartec zip-up vest. Smiling to myself as I enjoyed the windows down and the sunshine. Well, now it's chilly, gray, and temps are falling...Wednesday should be a high of 32 I think? By the...
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    I'm in!

    CONGRATS and good luck with the others! If you get into University of Chicago I'll meet ya for lunch on campus :D lol!
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    What's your weather like?

    Here in DuPage County, IL we are on tornado watch until 2:30am (5 hours away). We had some pleasantly rumbly thunderstorms and high winds earlier, and bright sun early this morning. They say if you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait four minutes--it'll change. :D