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  1. dry3210

    Blue Heeler

    My future brother-in-laws dog.
  2. dry3210

    Photography Facebook Link Thread

    Here is mine/ours. We do photography of just about everything
  3. dry3210

    My first lightning pictures (Atlantic City, NJ)

    Thank you! I was a bit frustrated at first because all the lightning wasn't touching down and was striking behind the clouds but as the night went on it started to do both!
  4. dry3210

    My first lightning pictures (Atlantic City, NJ)

    I was on vacation and it just so happened to storm the 2nd night there.
  5. dry3210

    Storm clouds, bonfire and smoke

    Liking #2 also!
  6. dry3210

    Some more from Wisconsins' Northwoods - part 1

    1 is very neat. Very nice angle and use of that flower
  7. dry3210

    Pretty Purple Lily

    I like both but I think I like the cropping on the first one the best
  8. dry3210

    A bunch of flies & others.

    The fly on your finger has some wicked eyes. Great clarity
  9. dry3210

    Sleeping wasps and bees

    Very cool
  10. dry3210

    Just a grasshopper!

    Very nice
  11. dry3210

    Been having a lot of fun with the macro lens lately!

    Canon 60D with a Tamron 90mm & depending on the pic depends on the light source I used (various flashes)
  12. dry3210

    Been having a lot of fun with the macro lens lately!

    1. Dragonfly lunch 2. Motherly protection 3. Upside down dinner 4. Fly
  13. dry3210

    Red Eyed Green Tree Frog

    nice. Looks cool
  14. dry3210

    A Few from this weekend C&C!

    I think I like 1-2 over 1-1 but it is a tough call!
  15. dry3210

    Housefly up close and personal

    Wouldn't say the fly itself is beautiful but the shot is!
  16. dry3210

    Butterfly on the Flower

    Second one is better to me at least but seems a bit washed out
  17. dry3210

    Some track day pictures (motorcycles)

    Ok I'll give a try with the polarizer removed and just read up on the back button focus! Didn't even know anything about that but after reading up on it I'm quite anxious to try that out also! Thank you
  18. dry3210

    Some track day pictures (motorcycles)

    The one I posted is cropped in a bit so I do have the ability to re-crop it with more room in the front. What did you do to clear it up as and also, more importantly, what can I do while taking them to need less post processing? I'm shooting with a Canon T1i with the 55 - 250 mm EF-S lens and...
  19. dry3210

    Some track day pictures (motorcycles)

    Right ok. Thanks for sharing Anyone have any advice on how I can improve?
  20. dry3210

    Some track day pictures (motorcycles)

    How can they be more on focus? I thought these came out pretty clear.