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  1. DanielLewis76

    Tulips - Woodland walkabout

    Its not normally my thing but as it was a nice Easter day yesterday I went with my family for a woodland walk about and came across various tulips growing. I only took my 35mm lens to try and force myself to think about composition rather than just zooming in. Both taken on a Nikon D5200 with a...
  2. DanielLewis76

    A walkie talkie, Cheesegrater and Gherkin ...

    They build some crazy buildings now in London!!
  3. DanielLewis76

    The Shard, London

    I quite liked this shot so thought I would posted it. It was taken from up the top of Tower Bridge in London.
  4. DanielLewis76

    Anyone for ice-cream?

  5. DanielLewis76

    Row row row your boat

    This is photo I took today at Eton Dorney rowing lake. It was quite a bright sunny day but I wanted to get the rowers in silhouette....
  6. DanielLewis76

    Breaking (flying high section twisting kick)

    Hi, Just having a new tar clear out and stumbled across a quick snap I took of one of my TaeKwon-Do students (14yo) during his second degree grading. Needless to say he passed!
  7. DanielLewis76

    f2.8 zoom lens for nikon

    I am looking to get a new zoom lens for my Nikon D5200 to mainly take indoor photos of sports, martial arts etc. I currently have a 35mm 1.8g, 85mm 1.8g and the 18-200 VR but none of these really allow me to get all the shots I want/need without changing lenses and missing the action...
  8. DanielLewis76

    First quick trial with Rayflash ring flash light modifier

    I have just received a ray flash light modifier and thought I would give it a quid try by taking a snap of my youngest daughter. I am quite pleased with it so far!
  9. DanielLewis76

    Office view in winter sun

    I just thought I would share a quick cellphone snap I took this morning from outside my office. Was gutted I didn't bring my DSLR in to work today so took this on my iPhone 5s instead.
  10. DanielLewis76

    Happy Halloween

    I recently attended an Halloween party here in the UK and thought I would post a few shots taken on the day.
  11. DanielLewis76

    Red Arrows

    Recently went to an air show and whilst its not really my thing I took a few photos of the Red Arrows a UK based Air Force display unit. I hope you enjoy them...
  12. DanielLewis76

    First C & C shot - Walking the Wall

    Hi, I have been scanning through a lot of shots taken recently and there are only a few that I think are worth any merit (even then slim) as most are just memory shots for my family. However, I did quite like the follow shot which I felt tells a little bit of a story....
  13. DanielLewis76

    Quick snap of Charlie the Dog

    Animal photos aren't really my thing but i grabbed this quick snap whilst turning around and seeing the Mother In Laws dog, Charlie, 'rescuing' a tennis ball from the sea!
  14. DanielLewis76

    A few photos from a recent trip to Northern Ireland and North England

    I just wanted to share a few photos I took from a recent visit to Northern Ireland and North England. Hope you enjoy.. :D 1. Cliffs of Northern Ireland 2. Titanic Museum, Belfast 3. Outside Titanic Museum 4. First attempt at cotton wool water, Vindolanda, Northumberland 5. View from...
  15. DanielLewis76

    A few street shots taken this weekend

    Being fairly new to photography it seems that over time people tend to find they prefer taking a certain type of shot, landscapes, portraits etc In my quest to understand how to take good photos I have started to really enjoy street photography. The follow are a few photo i took this weekend in...
  16. DanielLewis76

    Quick snap of a P-40 Kitty hawk

    I was at an airshow last weekend and the owner of a P-40 Kitty Hawk just turned up at the airport to see what was going on so I caught a few snaps.
  17. DanielLewis76

    SB-700 vs SB-800

    Hi, I have the money put aside for an SB-700 but a colleague has just brought in an SB-800 to see if I fancy buying it. It looks like the 800 is technically a better flash but the 700 has a better menu and has the hard filters that change settings on the camera. Does anyone have advice on...
  18. DanielLewis76

    Pirates! - Not quite the glory days...

    Pirates standards have definitely gone down in the world around this ere parts!
  19. DanielLewis76

    Ibiza sunset - iphoneography

    Hi, Just thought I would share this quick snap I took on Friday of the sunset at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. It was looking a bit glarey on the phone as standard so this was taken through a pair of polarized sunglasses. I got a few odd stares from people as I held them up in front of the phone...
  20. DanielLewis76

    New to photography, some first shots. C & C welcome!

    Hi, I am very new to photography (only 2-3 months!) but was just wondering what people thought of some of my first attempts at anything other than quick un-thought about snaps. Both taken onboard an RAF Vulcan in very low light. 1) 2) Thanks!