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  1. sniper x

    Considering trading my 5D MKII and 70-200 f4 L for a Leica M3

    So, I am contemplating putting my perfcet shape low shutter count Canon 5D MKII, and the also cherry Canon 70-200 f4 L lens for trade. I have wanted a Leica M3 for years but can't justify buying one. I have quite a few nice DSLR's so can afford to trade off the super cherry 5DMKII for a nice...
  2. sniper x

    Question for the collective...Best Point and shoot Rangefinder

    I have a Minolta Hi Matic F, and love it and am getting a cherry Hi Matic E in the next few days. What do all you say the best point and shoot rangefinder is? I mean one that has a manual focus only, and is vintage. Like the Hi Matic F and E.
  3. sniper x

    I recieved my first Komrad Kamara today....

    I went and did it. Ordered a Zorki 4K from the USSR. I heard these are great cameras and being a rangefinder LOVER I decided to look for one. I found a TON on EBAY and made a make offer deal. The seller wanted 90.00, I offered 50 and he took it. The camera was stated to be in excellent condition...
  4. sniper x

    Not really collectible but...

    Here's the first pic of my Kodak Retina 1a. I got it from a friend cheap and love it. It's like new actually after I went thru and cleaned it. I got the camera, rangefinder attachment, Gadgit Bag, a bunch of nice B&W filters, A period flash, and a
  5. sniper x

    Canon Winder A2 on a AE1?

    Has anyone used an a2 on a regular AE1, not the ae1 program?
  6. sniper x

    Special thread for viewfinders or Kodak Retina specific?

    I was just gifted a very nice like new Kodak Retina 1a. After a complete dusting and cleaning on the outside, and in the film door, it is like a new camera. I am very pleased! It seems to be in Perfect working order. Shutter fires accuately, front door is smooth, everything works great. It came...
  7. sniper x

    Which Canon Diopter?

    I have a few Canon A1's and AE1's and am getting another F1 system. I wear a +2.50 reader as general reading glasses and do not (at this point) wear regular prescription glasses. BUT even though I can adjust the diopter on my DSLR's to suit my eye, none of my old SLR bodies have diopters. SOOO...
  8. sniper x

    Max price to pay for a Yashica Electro GSN?

    I have a guy offering me a supposedly near perfect fully working Yashica Electro 35 GSN. It doesn't have the original box, papers, or the case, but is as described above. He hasn't given me a price yet, and has said I should make an offer and if it is hgih enough he will accept it. I hate doing...
  9. sniper x

    Been bitten again by the Minolta Hi Matic bug!

    I have a nice shape Hi Matic F that does still work. I had to do some surgery to adapt a Cr1 battery to it but it does work. Love the series. The F is my only Hi Matic but I have bid on a couple Hi Matic 9 on the bay and may win one. Do any of you have a Hi Matic? Which model and how doyou like...
  10. sniper x

    Lens micro adjustment anyone?

    I got a new 50mm 1.8 prime and decided the check back focus on it. I am glad I did. It looked fine until I blew up a portion of the first pics and saw how soft it was. I did AF micro adjustment on it and WOW! Stellar difference! I have a 5DMKII and the results were so stunning I did all three of...
  11. sniper x

    Nikon FM2 as good as they say?

    I may be getting lucky on a deal on an FM2 tomorrow. I have been buying some Canon stuff from a friend, and he has offered me a super nice FM2 chrome body with a 28mm 2.8 lens for $40.00. I am thinking I should jump on this even though I am not a Nikon shooter.....YET! I have been looking for an...
  12. sniper x

    Collecting old 35mm SLR cameras

    I started off my photography addiction way back in 1970 when My dad got back from Viet Nam for the third and next to last tour. He left his Yashica 35mm camera with a 50mm lens on it at home, and I taught myself how to use it using a book I got from the library. I was 12. I wish I still had...
  13. sniper x

    Decoding Canon SLR serial numbers

    Anyone have a link? I'd like to date all my Canon SLR camera bodies and lenses. Cheers! Kev
  14. sniper x

    Compatible winders for the Canon A1 35mm film bodies

    I still have my super cherry A1. I sold my winder A2, along with my F1 and the winder F series for it years ago. I was wondering if the F series winder from the F1 will also work on the A1. Anyone know? Thanks! Kev
  15. sniper x

    Does an external mic override the on-board mic?

    I have a 5D MKII and am going to shoot my first video project on it tomorrow. I have a couple nice mics for it and have wondered if just plugging one in, and setting the camera for manual audio levels turns off the on board mic. In a nutshell, does simply plugging in an off board mic into the...
  16. sniper x

    getting a free super clean 40d.

    I use to have a 30d about ten years ago. Even though it was only 8mp, the results looked very good due to the imager chip. I'm from a broadcast background shooting moving images and some cameras have a chip that makes everything look so good we use to call them a pretty chip. My friend who is...
  17. sniper x

    goong to start shooting with the Bronica ETRS again

    Never mind! I found my original post on this.
  18. sniper x

    should have kept my canon f1 set up...

    Because now I find myself looking to replace it all. Had a cherry f1, power winder, and 6 nice primes and a couple nice fast zooms. All day mount of course. Looks like I can do a bit of it fairly affordable. I need to start watching local cl ads though.
  19. sniper x

    Bronica medium format lenses on my Canon bodies

    A while back I had a 30d, and my old Canon film camera bodies, A2e's to be exact. I also had a nice system for medium format film, a Bronica ETRS with four 120 backs, a 220 back, and a Polaroid back, speed grip, waste level finder, 40, 75, 150 primes, all super clean lenses. After getting a...
  20. sniper x

    got extremely lucky on a 5d mkII

    Bought it from a friend whonis an evidence photographer. He only used it for three months and got a 5dmkiii.... Picked it up for 900 with the bpe6 two batteries, three cf cards and charger box papers and all accessories. How do I check shutter situations? He says it has to be less than 2000.