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  1. Schubacabra

    New guy Wondering if the enlarger I have listed here is a good one?

    I was wondering if this is a good enlarger. I'm new to this and don't have an enlarger at all at the moment so is this a good enlarger/deal? BESELER 67CS2 CONDENSER ENLARGER-DARK ROOM EQP. - $150Date: 2012-12-18, 11:39AM EST Beseler 67cs2 condenser enlarger with reversable column-print up to...
  2. Schubacabra

    Building a Vintage darkroom but I'm a noob so it could all go horribly wrong..

    Ok so yeah I don't know what I'm doing pretty much at all but I love photography and my four year old daughter got a camera for Christmas and she loves it as well. I thought why not build a darkroom so we can develop photos together. We could spend quality time together and start a life long...
  3. Schubacabra

    Noob building a vintage(ish) darkroom Joined for input and advice

    Hey everyone. I'm building a home darkroom so me and my daughter can spend some quality time together developing photographs. I'm a total noob and teaching my self everything as I go along so any sage wisdom from people that actually know what they are doing would be greatly appreciated.