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  1. eastwest4023

    First walkabout with the new Tamron lens

    Some great shots. Is it also a Macro Lens? It's a manual lens, right?
  2. eastwest4023

    New Pentax-DA 55-300

    Nice shot. The colours just pop. Were the flowers in the wild or your backyard?
  3. eastwest4023

    How much is that doggie in the window...

    I just want to know how did you get the doggie to pose for you :) Is it ok to share? My cat, snickers, loves dogs for some reason. I just babysit my friend's dog for a week and they were like best buddies. Taken with FujiFilm X-S10 - 55MM Fuji Lens
  4. eastwest4023

    FujiFilm X-S10 Mint Condition for Sale

    I've been debating for some time if I should sell my X-S10. It is like new. I did another thread talking about the two cameras that I own. I also own the X-T3. Both X-S10 and X-T3 produce excellent images but the X-S10 may have a slight advantage in movie quality. I'm not into movies. My X-T3 is...
  5. eastwest4023

    Whitetails in the Woods

    I grew up in Pa so your images made me think of my younger years. They are such a beautiful animal especially when you see them in the wild. An image that still stands out in my head as a kid is seeing two bucks fight it out during one of many of my dads spotlight adventures. You have Detroit...
  6. eastwest4023

    Should I sell my FujiFilm X-S10 camera?

    I have two FujiFilm cameras. The X-T3 and the X-S10. I bought the X-S10 in December as a Christmas present for myself. The X-S10 takes excellent pictures but I find myself grabbing the X-T3 for my gigs. I guess old habits are hard to break. Actually, there is nothing wrong with my X-T3 but for...
  7. eastwest4023

    Is this picture blurry or am I imagining things? (Shot on film)

    Even though the OP seems inactive the subject matter still may be of interests to some or at least it is to me. Mother nature has a way of playing tricks on our camera sensors be it the wind, early morning fog or the God of Light - the sun. I have taken shots at the same subject at different...
  8. eastwest4023

    A Dark and Stormy Day

    I kind of like the grain. I don't think it distracts from the image at all. Good job.
  9. eastwest4023

    How much is that doggie in the window...

    Oh my....this is one technique that seems so simple to do but I constantly fail miserably at it. So much so I delete my images in disgust. I was wondering if you don't mind sharing your techniques for this task. Maybe use the above image as the foundation to do so. If not, no problem. Usually, I...
  10. eastwest4023

    I've been here a while and still don't get it.

    Fighting or debating which is it? I guess debating seems more respectable. Some heat doesn't bother me as long as you are not trying to ridicule the other person. And like any sport, when it is all said and done, we should be able to shake hands and move on no matter how heated it was. Maybe I'm...
  11. eastwest4023

    New here but not new to photography.

    I've been out of the info loop lately so I'm here as an observer and need be share. Actually, my social life has been in the dumps lately so maybe sharing would be a good pick me up. :stung: Every forum is different so once I get the lay of the land I'll be more comfortable.