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  1. Woodsman

    A morning hummer

    quick shot through the window with the FZ80
  2. Woodsman

    Quality time on the lake

    Or when you just have to get away from the family and kids during Covid shutdowns :)
  3. Woodsman

    Blue Jay and Grackle

    Taken this morning before the storms came through. Boy did we need the rain.
  4. Woodsman

    Male Purple Finch

    Sitting in the back yard with the pup and bridge camera this evening when this little guy came to visit
  5. Woodsman

    Morning Mallards

    Along my shoreline very early this morning
  6. Woodsman

    Hornet or wasp.

    Sitting outside this morning and Mr Nasty here was on a peony bud next to me. Not sure if its a hornet or a wasp. I just know I don't like it.
  7. Woodsman


    Sat outside in the early morning sun this AM and this little girl came to the feeder.
  8. Woodsman

    A nice man helped me out

    I am looking at a nice man and his dog who found me crossing the path in the woods from the beaver pond to the main lake. I was having a hard time because a leech was attached half to my shell and also part of my back leg. The nice man removed the nasty leech and helped me out. He told me...
  9. Woodsman

    Grosbeak in the rain

    This guy came to the feeder on a dull rainy day so I shot these through the window. I was not expecting much because of the dull light and the high ISO the camera went to, up to ISO 16000 which I think is the highest I have ever shot. They were very noisy as I expected. I am amazed at how...
  10. Woodsman

    Backyard critters

    A few quick shots before the rain Sitting on the plow blade Little Tyrant Are you taking my picture? OK then, take my good side..
  11. Woodsman


    I am so done with winter.. Around freezing today with snow off and on all day. It is May right?. So I stayed inside and shot these through the dining room window
  12. Woodsman

    Just out walking my dog (and grouse)

    What can I say the wild grouse is insane. Lives in a wooded area along our road and chases cars, walks with people and recently took to playing chase with my dog. This is after a mutual chase me then I chase you session this morning which ended with them walking down the road together.
  13. Woodsman

    2 squirrels

    The grey was not cooperating. The red was too busy eating to try to scare me off, the little tyrant :)
  14. Woodsman


    After a couple of chipmunks had a chippie chase on the deck.
  15. Woodsman

    Red Squirrel

    Scolding me from the oak tree
  16. Woodsman

    Otter having breakfast

    Along our shoreline this morning
  17. Woodsman

    Barn from 1984

    A scan of an old B&W negative from 1984. The barn is long gone now.
  18. Woodsman

    Walk around an old marina

    Something a little different today Did a walk with the pup this morning in -5C temps with the hand held Nikon P510. These boats are discarded behind a marina and have been there for many years. Likely abandoned by the owners or unable to pay their bills back in the day. The Marina has been...
  19. Woodsman

    Goldeneys in early morning golden light reflections

    Most of the ducks have moved further north now. Caught these two way out in the lake in the reflections of the far shoreline during this mornings golden hour light
  20. Woodsman

    Crow Walenda

    Just a tad bored this afternoon :)