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  1. Jaknap

    Bird shots

    Took me an hour of waiting to capture this shot yesterday:
  2. Jaknap

    Capitol Hill

    Thanks...I had to look really hard to see the someone here will know?
  3. Jaknap


    Thank you...not the easiest manually focusing on a tiny moving
  4. Jaknap


    Here a few shots I have managed to get of these little fuzzy creatures:
  5. Jaknap

    Insects of LLELA

    All very nice!
  6. Jaknap

    Urban Digger Bee

    Great shot!
  7. Jaknap

    Western Tiger Swallowtail

    This guy was a front yard visitor, took a lot of patience and being ready with my camera to get a clean shot of him (or her) over a period of a few days:
  8. Jaknap

    Capitol Hill

    While visiting DC I took this shot (free hand):
  9. Jaknap

    The Fly

  10. Jaknap

    Girl with Butterfly

    Nice capture
  11. Jaknap

    Taj Mahal

    Thanks, it is quite big, I cannot even imagine how it would have looked four hundred years ago when it was newly built and the marble was white.
  12. Jaknap

    Dress In Pink Party

    Nice shots
  13. Jaknap

    Floral Shots

    I forgot to post this one, a favourite of mine:
  14. Jaknap

    Floral Shots

    In these shots it varies from 4.5-11. Next time I will try to play around with that and see the effect. I went to Butchart Gardens when I was 11 so I remember the place but not a lot of details, it is definitely highly regarded. Thanks!
  15. Jaknap

    Floral Shots

    I don't know the names of all these flowers but they did look pretty to me:
  16. Jaknap

    Baby raccoon

    This guy was roaming around for many days in a row during the evenings, allowed for a photo opportunity:
  17. Jaknap

    "Treasure Hunter"

    I took this shot off of a bridge, kind of right place at the right time, I like this shot because of the story it tells about this youngster (the river is The Ganges in Haridwar, India):
  18. Jaknap

    Taj Mahal

    Thanks, you know, I never noticed the missing spire, here is a shot from the same set:
  19. Jaknap

    Taj Mahal

    Thank you...many many places left for me to see in this world!