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  1. Mashburn

    Went to review my images and 200 are mysteriously not there...... Please help

    I was capturing an event. And was checking my images throughout the event. I know it captured the images because I saw them in previous reviewing. Well in my last review. It removed images 2300-2600..... I went to the computer to see if my camera want showing them, but the computer does not...
  2. Mashburn

    D750 or d500

    D750 I can get used for 1500$ D500 I can get used for 1700$+ Owning a d7200 I have grown to love the low pass filter being removed. Which is a big plus to me. But I need a FX body for my weddings. But I really really really love the d500 with what it does on ISO, and I'm not sure what d750 max...
  3. Mashburn

    any deals on the d500?

    I'm looking for body only. And prefer new. Unless it's a great deal with low mileage on the shutter. But I know greentoe I can probably get it for 1800$. But is there better sites you have purchased from? Or do you know if any deals? Sent from my XT1650 using mobile app
  4. Mashburn

    Who wants to help critique my resume?

    So my goal is to get into the NFL. and it is not about money to me, it is just something I love doing the most with my photography. I have worked on commercial/product photography and felt I got lucky. worked with a few MMA promoters who did ammy and Pro events. And do major cheer events. and...
  5. Mashburn

    what software do you like for skin editing?

    I use lightroom mostly for my work due to ease of use. but one thing it sucks at is skin editing. I could do photoshop. but photoshop seems like to much to memorize what keys to click and takes multiple things to just do one basic thing. So what do you like and why?
  6. Mashburn

    what is the best tethering software and etc

    I am doing a cheer competition where there is hundreds of acts, and each act I will be taking 200 pictures. The job wants it tethered and they use Nikon Camera Control 2. but I was wondering is there anything faster out there? what is the best cord? I shoot on a D7000 and D7200. Also is...
  7. Mashburn

    I "think" I need something with a monopod attached to a vest. any ideas?

    So I am a photographer for a cheer/dance competition. I am there for 2 days and each day last 10-12 hours. I have to use a 70-200. and you need to use the gamer chair, so when the girls do jumps really high into the air, so you can lean back and capture it. And I also have to get 90-120 pictures...
  8. Mashburn

    my erase brush is not working correctly

    Some areas I only have to go over once. While other areas I have to go over twice. and then some areas I have to make the brush size smaller and click on it like a mad man for it to finally be erased. some areas are 100% erased. but a few spots it is like a soft transparency is still there...
  9. Mashburn

    any how to guides for strobscopic, delay and etc? (ELC elinchrom)

    So couple years ago I purchased that best lights I could. and right after I kicked myself for doing so. because I never thought I would use them to their full potential......... well I am now wanting to learn it. the lights I purchased were the ELC 500 I understand how to use the strobes for...
  10. Mashburn

    what camera is good for ISO and has the low pass filter removed?

    I grew up on the d7000. and about a year ago I went to the 7200 and loved it because of how sharp it is with the low pass filter removed. but I want a camera that can handle the ISO better. so that means going into full frame. and going into full frame will benefit me in many other areas as...
  11. Mashburn

    selling online, questions.

    I recently changed my website to 500PX because of the ease of use and pricing. but I of course started questioning if I should sell some of my prints there. and now I have more questions then what I started. so maybe someone here can help me out in the direction I need to go in. if I sell...
  12. Mashburn

    D3s vs d3x, which do I get? Or something else

    I have a 7200 & 7000. But I'm wanting a full frame because of its better performance of ISO control and also because of being full frame so I can get closer to the subject (like weddings). Here is what is important to me. 1. ISO control. - I shot at night of the milky way. - high school...
  13. Mashburn

    Someone stole my images, What can I do?

    About a month ago I had a troll say he was selling my images. I let him know I take those matters seriously. But then a couple other guys took one of my images and edited as a joke to me. I sent them a DMCA letter. And they never did anything...... So eventually they stopped. But a couple...
  14. Mashburn

    Sigma 35mm art or something else?

    Really really impressed with this lens. The contrast is great and the sharpness looks like it will be my first real sharp lens. (I also own a nikon 70-200 f2.8 Vr 2). Anyone feel/think there is any other 35mm (or similar) out there that is below 1500$, That is better? Or any lens that is...
  15. Mashburn

    What do you recommend for fx lenses?

    I have a d750. 70-200 f2.8 Vr 2. 50mm 1.8d. I also have a tokina 11-16mm f2.8. Love it but it's a dx. Which means I can only get 15-16 with it. Because it vignettes. (if anyone wants to buy hit me up) So I want a f2.8 or lower wide angle. That is sharp. (still photography like...
  16. Mashburn

    Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 if dx

    I went to a full frame body. So I'll no longer be able to use this unless at 16mm. And that is pointless to me Good condition. Standard wear. Glass is very clean. Everything works correctly. I think I still have the box to this. (which is odd for me because I hate hoarding stuff) 400$...
  17. Mashburn

    Who has fx lenses for sell?

    I have a d750 coming. Nikon 70-200 f2.8 Vr 2. Nikon 50mm 1.8d. I have a tokina 11-16mm f2.8.... But it's dx. So I need a wide angle. Also looking for something with a range of 20-70. Maybe higher. Macro is better but not preferred. But it needs to be sharp. F2.8 is preferred. Also...
  18. Mashburn

    750 or 810 or 800e

    Who wins the iso (until you see noise) , af, sharpness? Is there enough of a difference to jump up in price for ? I do sports mainly. But my money comes from weddings. Right now I have a d7200 . And I can return it to best buy if there is enough of a difference to make up the price...
  19. Mashburn

    Thoughts on focus speed sigma 120-300mm f2.8 or nikon Vr 2 70-200 f2.8?

    I have been shooting on canon 70-200 f2.8 is ii with a 7d mk ii. Loved it and the af speed was awesome. I just hate that they were not tack sharp like nikon is. So I made the switch. Soooooo..... What lens do I get for that great af-c speed? Right now I bought the cheap 70-300 nikon that...
  20. Mashburn

    (sold) Canon 70-200 IS II F/2.8 1700$

    everything works great just like when I got it. there is some ware on it. where you attach the lens hood and the mounting spot for a mono pod are worn some. I have attached pictures of the outside condition. but it does not affect the lens at all. the glass is very clean. I give it a 9 out of...