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    Gimp quick referens card
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    Long exposure and abstraction C&C

    at ipernity ipernity: abstract1 - by Bengt( Long exposure makes abstraction
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    Making Creative Commons Pictures..

    Making Creative Commons Pictures ipernity: fron - by Bengt(
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    Exhibition C&C

    They had an exihibition right on the street. I have a group at ipernity. Join in ipernity: Group Photo and Pictures ipernity: Crop of pic - by Bengt(
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    Street photo C&C

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    Starting to use cheap LED lamps

    I have started to play around with photo and cheap LED lamps i got from a hardware store
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    Gimp 2.8 is comming with Single window and Gegl

    Are you using Gimp or any other free/Open source program version 2.8 of gimp will probably enjoy Single window and be Gegl only... That is a blast Gimp - open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop that is free to use | Photo and Pictures
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    Why is Olumpus better at JPG than Canon and Nikon?

    I have been usin Oly a year now and compelling question that haunts me is that Olympus is so much better at making it from Raw to jpg. Why isnt Canon and Nikon sompeting in that area...saves me a head lot of image editing...make me more creative with my shots...
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    I let some pictures be Creative Commons

    i use ipernity to host Is one of them..
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    Using a cellphone to train compositon..

    I am using a cellphone to train my eye... At Ipernity there is no need for a Iphone that is needed at Bestcameras Using Ipernity is nice ipernity: Bengt('s gallery
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    Back after a Stroke

    I am back after having a stroke... Photographing and i will start an international group at Ipernity that is an image service where you can share pdf, wordfiles any thing you can share anything to anyone,,,,
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    Waterstream and early springbird with bokeh

    Catching water is always nice with long exposure. I doesnt like when it becomes too slimy. My 200mm/4 have aperture up to 32 which helps to be able to have long shutterspeed. You can see more pics at my ipernity gallery I love the bokeh that my 200mm/4 have...
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    Sign of Spring...

    Sure sign of spring in sweden is Anemone Hepatica.
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    Macro on Haircapmoss

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    Flower in backlightning, golden hour

    Early light in golden hour makes excellent picture. ipernity: Flower in backlight - by Bengt(
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    Looooong kid digging in snoooow

    Its useful to be looooooong digging in snow...
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    Macro on moss and fircone

    Have been borrowing an extensiontube from my friend to use with my Olympus E-3. Fircone ipernity: Cone Macro - by Bengt( Moss ipernity: Macro moss - by Bengt(