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    Garasaki's biking pics

    C/C is always welcome! It occurred to me that I should make a single thread for my bike pictures. So I'll be adding to this over time. Cottage Grove Bike Park (Minnesota) 1 DSC_2215 2 DSC_2222 3 DSC_2199 4 DSC_2172 5 DSC_2166 6 DSC_2156
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    Mountain Bike Shoot - Squaw Creek Enduro

    C/C welcome!! Had a short window of time to grab some shots at this event. Continuing to prefer a wide angle lens and trying to pan - although a few shots with my 85mm. Of note, it was winter around here until about 3 days before this event!!! ;) 1 DSC_1543 2 DSC_1685 3 DSC_1662 4 DSC_1783 5...
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    Late Season Fatbike Event

    C/C welcome I was out shooting another fun local fatbike event - enjoying the sun and mid 50s temps. I even got a sunburn! However, that sun makes for brutal shooting conditions. First time out with my sigma 15mm fisheye, and I spent most of the event trying for panning shots that capture...
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    Nikon Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5 D AF IF ED Lens

    9.9/10 excellent condition. Great performer, I have developed a preference for prime lenses so this has to go. No scratches, mildew, or any other issues with the lens. $220 Price is shipped with payment via paypal. This is an example pic - RAW tweaked a bit and sharpened in PS
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    Spillway waterfall - C/C welcome

    Tricky captures these were. A great opportunity to practice framing and building a scene. Definitely saw things I wish I had done differently while editing. But my 5 year old loves these pics - they'll probably end up on her wall! 1 2 3
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    Why does this always happen??!?

    :eek-73: :boggled: :grumpy-36: :BangHead: :boxing: :madass:
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    Local night portrait

    There's a really interesting stretch of light a few blocks from my house resulting from a series of lamps along a walking trail. One that I've always wanted to go take some pictures in, at night. This wasn't exactly what I had in my head, but nonetheless was very happy with the outcome. It's...
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    Fatbike Event

    I enjoy going to local biking events that don't take themselves too seriously. This was very much one of those. Here's a couple pictures that sum up the mood of the event: This is my typical style of photography in this setting. Wide open, short shutter time, more of a head on view...
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    Family shoot - C/C welcome

    Hi all, Recently did a shoot for a friend's family, who had a very photogenic young lady "C" who jumped right out of the camera for me. I know it's a tale as old as time, but this was the first commissioned shot I did and I was very happy with how it turned out. Having said that, I'd also...
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    Son portrait - charmingly out of focus

    So I don't need to tell you what I did wrong with this one... Backstory was I was out with my 3 kids at a local nature preserve, beautiful winter day and I took the camera along. I got a lot of good shots, although none of them of my son - between the hat he wore, that kept the shade over his...
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    Friday smile - just a silly mustache pic

    Maybe it's just cause he's mine, but this picture puts a smile on my face and I wanted to share. drew mustach by John Bixler, on Flickr
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    Family shot - what should I print it on?

    Hi all, Got this shot of my kids a few weeks ago. It, of course, has sentimental value for me and I'd like to print it to hang above the couch. What medium do you viewers suggest for it? Canvas, metal, or framed paper print? all 3 by John Bixler, on Flickr
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    C/C "Bee"

    Hi, specifically looking for some feedback on postprocessing of this, particuarly the framing of the shot. I struggle with framing shots of static objects/landscapes. I tried to take a cue from the diagonal aspect of the flower, and balance it with the negative space on the right side. Oh...
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    Toddler picture "pleeeeease"

    I caught this while trying out my new flash for the first time. I think this is the first time I was really able to combine good mechanics with a well timed shutter release to capture the emotion of the moment! C/C welcome
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    Some help with composing rocks/moss/snow

    Hi I was out this weekend at a local spot, thinking there might be some cool rocks, moss, and snow combos. I had to go out when I had the time to do so. This meant the lighting wasn't idea (overcast winter day - even lighting but no pop or warmth). I'm not sure it'd have mattered. I...
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    Boy in the woods - first time out with DSLR

    Headed to the local state park with my 3.5 year old son. I'm a total n00b, literally was my first major expedition with the DSLR, a Nikon D5100. I left it on auto the whole time *embarassed* I think I did ok with image composition, I definitely improved as the day went on. I have to admit...