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    BW physique

  2. aoposton

    115 degrees

    I've been sitting on this backdrop for most of this year. I just enjoy being and shooting outdoors. Temps in the desert are scorching so conditioned air it is for a while. [
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    Red Dress

    Its hot in the desert. got out early this morning.
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    lowell auditorium

    Inside an auditorium built in 1931. 1 2 3 lowell jhs by AaronPoston, on Flickr
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    look back

    one of my faves from recent shoot.
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    double trouble

    Fun shoot a couple nights ago. I expected one model and an observer, but one decided to have her first go at a shoot.
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    wings n things

    enjoyed my coffee at the park this morning . (not pictured) 4 yr old boy running off all the nearby creatures. DSC09636 DSC09504 DSC09618
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    Back to waterfall (nsfw)

    I haven't shot many locations twice but it was nice. My fascination with the water was under control allowing me to focus on other things.
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    desert blooming

    out with the old vivitar 75-205. Untitled Untitled Untitled
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    not sure if nsfw. waterfall.

    depends on where you work I suppose. :D
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    70mm 6.3 1/640 iso 200 tri by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    she's not from Germany

    48mm f5.6 1/100s iso 400 dess b by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    Messing about mid day in the southern az sun. reflector camera left. 70mm 5.6 1/400s iso160 DSC_6286 by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    2 frames, near and far focus. @55mm shoes by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    leather clad woman

    not exactly cold here in southern az, but cool enough for the locals to break out the leather from the deep recesses of winter clothes storage. DSC_4446 by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    young gentleman

    a pair from a shoot over the weekend. DSC_4746 by AoPoe, on Flickr DSC_4778 by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    concrete jungle

    62mm f5.6 1/200. DSC_3462-Edit by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    Nice random outing. Found my misplaced softbox and got out of the city. 68mm f7.1 1/200 iso400 aloni12 by AoPoe, on Flickr 135mm ai-s f4 1/125 iso500 aloni11 by AoPoe, on Flickr
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    Playing out in the desert rain. More of a sprinkle I suppose. 40mm 7.1 1/200 iso400 aloni by AoPoe, on Flickr eta: intended this post for BW gallery.