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  1. jl1975

    upgrade question

    Thanks for the feedback. I had thought of the D7500 as it goes to higher iso. I was thinking that the d500 and the D750 are close in price so I would go for one of the two as the D500 would be the best option if I stick with a crop body. As for the glass, I do have the 35 and 50mm 1.8's. I...
  2. jl1975

    upgrade question

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on a new camera. I am currently shooting with a D7100 and am thinking about upgrading. I would like something that handles low light/high iso better. I mostly shoot family pictures, my kid's sports (highschool football, volleyball) and some landscapes and...
  3. jl1975

    Images in water drops

    Thank you both
  4. jl1975

    Images in water drops

    Thank you. I was trying to think of things that might work and my empty can was just sitting there. I guess you can find interesting shots with seemingly simple objects.
  5. jl1975

    Images in water drops

    I decided to try and get an image of something in a water drop. 1. The first one I was able to capture an image of my daughter and two of her friends. They are not totally clear, but I was off to a decent start. 2. On this one, I had taken away the picture of my daughter and just had a red...
  6. jl1975

    70-200 f/4 VR First Impressions

    I have that lens as well and it is quite impressive. I have not used the 70-200 f2.8 so I can't comment on it compared to that, but I love mine. Although if anyone wants to send me the f2.8 so I can compare them, I would be happy to!
  7. jl1975

    Boudoir frenzy with Marilyn (Nsfw)

    Beautiful photos. As usual
  8. jl1975

    Next...Frozen Bubbles!

    I've seen pics of frozen bubbles before and I quite like them. But, the popping bubbles are awesome! Thanks for sharing
  9. jl1975

    Water drop photography

    The second one is great. I've tried water drops a couple times and managed to get a few that I liked. Although I took 100-200 each time to get the ones that worked just right. It is definitely a task that requires patience. Thanks for sharing.
  10. jl1975

    D500 first time to the hockey rink

    Those are great. Good job capturing the action.
  11. jl1975


    That would be a huge pain for any business to get through. More so in your case as you have patients depending on you. At least no one was hurt. I heard on the news that the police were investigating the cause of the fire. Have you heard anything more about it?
  12. jl1975

    Oil & Water

    Thank you all for the kind words. I think this is what I like best about photography. You can take a photo of something normal and mundane and end up with something that looks interesting. Of course, while doing this I looked a little strange to my family as I sat on the kitchen floor with my...
  13. jl1975

    Oil & Water

    I decided to try getting some shots of oil & water with my 105 macro lens. I put the water in a glass pan and put a piece of colorful fabric below to add color (for the pink one). for the blue and green, I added food coloring to the water. What do you think? Any c & c? 1. 2. 3.
  14. jl1975

    Please name some good photographers you can trust

    I've found the videos from Adorama tv on youtube to be good. Specifically the ones from Mark Wallace and Gavin Hoey. Here's a link to the youtube channel. Adorama
  15. jl1975

    Some Airshow Shots

    Nice shots. Thanks for sharing
  16. jl1975

    Mira Mar Air Show. San Diego CA.

    Well done. I quite like numbers 1 and 5. Thanks for sharing
  17. jl1975

    Motocross under the lights with the D500

    Nice shots. That one at 25600 looks good for such a high iso.
  18. jl1975

    Some action shots from the race

    Nice set. I'm guessing from the looks of them that those GTR's would have been really quick.
  19. jl1975

    Tried a little drag racing

    Good shots. The panning is quite good in number 1, although I would try to leave more space ahead of the car rather than behind it. Also, I particularly like number 4. The black and white processing is good and I like how you can see the tires just starting to spin. Thanks for sharing
  20. jl1975

    Nikon 105mm Macro vs Tokina 100mm Macro

    I have the D7100 and the Nikon 105. It is a great combination. So far, I have only used it for macro and have not tried portraits with it. The autofocus is quite good and it is sharp. Really sharp.