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  1. chiefpackman

    Experimenting a bit. "wife on a pipe"

    Work in progress. I usually don't like stuff like this but its growing on me. What should I do with it? :confused-72: '][/URL]
  2. chiefpackman

    Moving to part time.

    I don't want to give some drawn out typical story BS but I'll give a little backstory. Skip to the tl;dr if you want. I grew up doing arts, mainly painting. I have always thought photography wasn't "real art." Anyone can click a button right? With so many "pro" photographers and the "I got a...
  3. chiefpackman

    This place intrigues me

  4. chiefpackman

    Funny Christmas photo

    From a shoot I just did for a friend. Made me laugh. Thought I would share.
  5. chiefpackman

    Mathers Airshow

    I went to an airshow today out in California. Got quite sunburned but got some decent shots. This one was my favorite out of the bunch. They had set off some explosions to simulate dropping bombs. That is why it is smoky. I like the effect it created almost like its coming out of a war zone. I...
  6. chiefpackman

    Over processed? Trying a new style.

    Don't really know what I was going for with these but I like where it ended up. I like the feel of it. I'm just not sure if the seem "over processed" to the point it takes away from the shots. What do you guys think? Taken in Busan S.Korea, #1 ISO 400 75mm F/5.6 1/1000 #2 ISO 400 55mm F/13...
  7. chiefpackman

    First attempt at night shot. Need some help.

    Was down in Busan, South Korea this weekend and decided to try and get a shot of the bridge at night. I dont really know what I'm doing. I looked up some info on cityscapes but I'm still confused. I used a tripod but I think I need a better one. How do you keep iso low and still get good...
  8. chiefpackman

    Shooting into the sun/light

    I've been playing around with this for a couple days now. What is the proper way to set up to shoot towards the light source? This shot was from today. It took quite a bit of editing to pop out the foreground and tone the sun down. Problem is I feel like you can tell. I feel like I'm doing...
  9. chiefpackman


    From my recent trip to Ireland. I liked the feel of this one. Good times
  10. chiefpackman

    Paradise Club

    Back alley club
  11. chiefpackman

    Through the wall

    The wife and I went on a nice walk of the city wall in Suwon S.Korea. I got lots of shots but oddly this random shot stood out for me.
  12. chiefpackman

    Color in the Market

    I'm trying to get away from black and white.
  13. chiefpackman

    smoking man

    I'm new to these forms and photography for that matter. Just picked up a entry level dslr (Nikon d3200) to get started. I also got lightroom to edit RAW. I went out wondering the streets here in Korea. This is my favorite shot of the day. I like the black and white concept but know little about...