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    After a wonderfully warm week, winter has returned here to Michigan. So I'm playing with some photos I took this with my cell phone last summer. Rotated, cropped and did some color/brightness adjustment.
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    The Dragon of the Tahquamenon River

    Discovered this 'Dragon' while out kayaking the Tahquamenon River earlier this week.
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    Green Heron

    Came across this green heron last weekend while out biking around a local park with my wife. Shot with my Coolpix P&S that I take along for just such circumstances. :)
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    2 kit lenses or 1 super-zoom?

    Lately I've been toying with the idea of getting either the Nikon 18-300 (or even the 28-300 fx) or Tameron 16-300 for general use/vacations. I currently have the Nikon 18-105 and 55-300 kit lenses. Typically on vacations, I'll have the 18-105 for landscape/family snaps but then I'll miss the...
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    Some migrants looking for a free handout

    Had a couple migrants show up at the feeder this week. Always enjoy seeing these birds show up each spring. They both hang around for about a week before moving on. 1. A White-crowned Sparrow on it's way north to Canada. And we had 6 or 7 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks returning from their winter...
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    A few from the backyard

    Haven't been able to get out much lately, but have been enjoying shooting the bird feeder visitors! The last 3 were taken during our snow storm this past week. Is there too much contrast? A two-fer Female Cardinal in the snow Even squirrels are invited! Male Cardinal in the snow
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    Network hard drive!!!

    I currently have a Western Digital My Book World 1TB networked hard drive that decided that it no longer wants the be accessed via computer. When I try I get this error Any idea what's going on here? I tried from several computers, all give me the same sort of message. Now it's interesting...
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    Not your grandma's peppers

    Just playing around with some peppers I grew this summer. In the back row are a couple ghost peppers and a red carribean habanero. Front right is a trinidad scorpion and front left is the grand daddy of them all the carolina reaper. The hab is the "mildest" of the bunch weighing in around...
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    A foggy morning at the lake

    Jordon Pond in Acadia a few weeks ago.
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    Blue Jay

    A couple more from my trip to Whitefish Point. The blue jay spring migration was in full swing, with a good 1,000 jays flying around. It was hard not to take a shot or 100 of them! 1. Having a bad feather moment 2. Waiting for a turn at the feeder
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    Whitefish Point shore birds

    Took a trip up to Whitefish Point over Memorial day weekend to catch part of the spring migration. Here are a couple of my favorites 1. Semipalmated Plover 2. American Pipit 3. Piping Plover 4. Black-bellied Plover (Huge crop. This guy was extremely skittish!) 5. Semipalmated Sandpiper
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    Exposure issue

    Been having an occasional exposure failure with my D7000. Wondering if anyone may have an idea what is going on. Lately when ever I'm out I will have one or two shots that are way outa whack for exposure. I don't notice anything odd while out but when I get home I'll have a couple shots that...
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    My nemesis - Belted Kingfisher

    The Kingfisher has been one of my nemesis's for quite awhile. Always on the other side of the pond, perched between the sun and myself or taking off before the camera can even turn on. Until now. Got this lovely female that actually sat and posed! She then proceeded to show me why she was...
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    Spring house cleaning

    Mrs. Flicker was out doing some spring cleaning this weekend. A pair of Northern Flickers has been using this hole for several years, always look forward to them moving in! Just wish the first two were sharper!
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    Spent some time watching this Hooded Merganser protecting his lady from another overly interested male this weekend. Got home, loaded the photos on the computer and THERE'S A BLOODY CAR BATTERY SITTING IN THE POND, GAAAAA!!! I'm planning on emailing the parks department to see if someone can...
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    Couple of baldies

    These two have been hanging out at a local park this spring. Really hoping they stick around! C&C welcome!
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    Been frustrated with less than sharp pictures lately so I decided to play with the fine tune this afternoon. I'm at a -8 and I think I'm getting close. May continue to work with it this weekend. Anyway this guy posed nicely for me as I was taking some test pictures in the backyard.
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    Some from this weekend

    It finally was decent enough to get out this weekend, worst part about winter is all the drab grey skies we get. 1. Tundra Swan 2. Northern Cardinal 3. Downy Woodpecker Any comments or suggestions for improvement are appreciated!
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    Hawk ID?

    Any help on ID'ing this one? Came across him enjoying a meal yesterday so no wing, tail or flight patterns to help out.
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    Birdfeeders aren't just for sparrows

    Some birds come for the seed, others come for the birds! Had this Coopers (or Sharp-shinned??) hawk keeping an eye on my feeder this afternoon. Interestingly, there were about a dozen very brave cardinals in that same bush! It was even nice enough to give me a full tail spread!