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  1. Jasii

    The solitary walker

    windows screenshot
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    An ancient ancient temple.

    After picknicking at the Pong wetlands some 65 kms from Dharamsala, we returned and made a pitstop at Masroor about 8 kms from the wetlands. Home to an ancient monolithic rock cut temple. While others were busy clicking selfies, I found this vantage to make this shot. Do take some time to air...
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    2016. Here we come.........

    The first day of the year was spent relaxing and picnicking at the Pong wetlands some 65 kms from Dharamsala. While others took the boats out, I was behind the camera to capture this. Hope you like it. Shall await Comments, Critique & Suggestions. Rgds, Jasii Pong Boating at sundown-4018 crop...
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    A simple countryside

    A Simple Countryside by jasiiboss, on Flickr
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    Watching 2015 slip by

    Shot this on the banks of the Pong wetlands some 65 kms away from Dharamsala. As always will value comments, suggestions and critique. Rgds, Jasii Watching 2015 Slip by by jasiiboss, on Flickr
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    A very Joyous Christmas to all friends here.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! The dong struck, the carols have begin to play in our part of the world while my friends across the globe, spanning multiple oceans too shall feel the warmth soon. The heart softens and becomes tender whenever we participate in an occasion with religious fervor. We become kids...
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    Lake Prashar Mandi Himachal Pradesh India

    A swollen knee had me down for some time, I had promised myself a nice long drive and with all you swell friends wishing me a speedy recovery. Recover I did for sure and mighty fast at that. My good friend and school mate of yore "Abha Murgai" echoed the right words when she wrote: "The...
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    Desert Dreams: Who would have lived here?

    Driving through the arid Desertscape of Ladakh this structure, near Nyoma, standing alone in the middle of nowhere looked interesting and caught my attention. I remember requesting my co-travelers to stop and the darlings that they were they obliged. Many moons later as I dig this pic out from...
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    The Himalayan Marmot.

    This 'furry friend' was caught with my kit lens on the way to Nubra valley when he came out, looking for publicity. :345: Thank you buddy for letting me get close, The long reach of a specialised Tele-zoom was not missed here. ;) Cheers! The Himalayan Marmot by jasiiboss, on Flickr
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    Wanna Play: " Hop skip and Jum..." ?

    Dear Friends, Could think of no better title for this :) This one was taken almost a year ago when I had just begun to cuddle a camera. Dug this one out and posting with minor crop and a wee bit of sharpening. The good thing of posting here is, having access to so many eyes which is a 'Godsend'...
  11. Jasii

    Spread your soul... (Does the crop work?)

    Some more fields...... Do tell me when you've had enough.:02.47-tranquillity: Another one from the Bhatiyat valley in Himachal Pradesh India. Tell me what you think? Does the unusual crop work? Yeah! I know the frame is back but forgive my fetish for frames please. :D Spread your soul.... by...
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    Did I do all right??

    Dear Friends, Yesterday I had posted a pic of the lovely fields made en-route a long drive to the picturesque Bhatiyat valley in North India. Lots of meaningful advice poured in, enriching me in the process. On the way back with the sun setting, we came across this old, old temple with a water...
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    Enroute a long drive........ (C&C welcome, more the better :) )

    Dear Friends, It was cloudy up on the mountains, came across these lovely looking paddy fields that looked enticing. Dunno if I was able to do justice as I made this. Would love to hear from all here. Cheers & Rgds. Cloudy Misty day, who the heck cares--0579 by jasiiboss, on Flickr Shooting...
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    A village sunset ( request critique please)

    The sun had gone down and I read somewhere that it does give a final splash before retiring for the day. I was waiting for that and it did just that, a short spectacle that lasted for a minute or so and Boy! was I glad to be a mute spectator? You betcha I sure was. I stood rooted to my roots, a...
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    A mosaic called " Ladakh" ( C &C solicited please)

    Dug this one made in Ladakh, out from the archives, I'd call it "Mosaic called Life". Had me pleasantly surprised as to, it's relevance in everyday life.The 5 C's share God's love with humans, the way he envisaged human race would progress, many unfortunately got binned in our quest to face the...
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    What is he thinking?

    Dear Friends, I happened to be around, watching the last of the setting sun and the myriad possibilities that it threw up. One side of the lake was lit up while the other was in relative shadow. I saw this little boy sitting there all alone in a corner lost in a world of his own. Would love to...
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    S S S ( critique, suggestions solicited please )

    Short, Simple, Sweet are the words that come to mind as I trudged through the undergrowth to reach this little brook hidden from the world.The light filtering through the tree cover, the dark shadows contrasting with the white of the water looked quite appealing as I made this shot. Tell me how...
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    After the rains......

    It has been pouring lately, but when it does stop, we do get to see some wonderful vista's. Some will call this 'God's own rays' for me they are Blessings from heaven', whatever, but a fine spectacle it sure is.:) A great day to all friends here........ Rgds, Jasii God's own Rays... by...
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    A mountain beauty :)

    Standing by this stream, the sheer beauty of the vista enamoured me. It was pristine as could be....... Wanting to capture the stream in it's gurgling glory took this shot handheld without any filters. Would love to know your opinions on this. As always critique shall be graciously accepted...
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    Landscape: The Tango (c&c will be deeply appreciated.)

    Made this one returning from Ladakh on the Manali highway India. There was this gentle wind and the blades of grass looked like competing with the clouds as to: who could tango better? :) As always would love to hear from all of you. Cheers & Rgds, Jasii The Tango by jasiiboss, on Flickr