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  1. squirl033

    Siberian accentor

    Haven't posted in a while, but thought you folks might find this one interesting... This is a VERY rare bird in Washington... only the third recorded sighting in the state. These birds are native to Asia; they breed all across Siberia, and winter in eastern China and Korea. Once in a great...
  2. squirl033


    Got this little pika just after sunset up in the Cascade mountains of Washington yesterday... cute little thing! Related to rabbits, apparently. First time I've been able to get a photo of one, and it came out in the open and posed so nicely...
  3. squirl033

    Something you don't see often... a wood pewee feeding her chicks!

    The wood pewee nest I've been watching now has babies, and I was able to get some shots of mom feeding the little ones... shots you don't see every day! Will be watching this nest, as I did with the Bullock's orioles, until the chicks fledge in 10-12 days. Meanwhile, here are a couple of the...
  4. squirl033

    Mealtime at the oriole household

    A couple of shots of a mama and papa Bullock's oriole feeding their chicks at a nest here in Chehalis...
  5. squirl033

    Pacific loon, breeding plumage

    Went out to Westport on the Washington coast this afternoon in search of Pacific loons after a friend reported seeing two of them there. Found one just a few minutes after I got there, and had him for about 10 minutes before he disappeared, not to be seen again... The high overcast lighting...
  6. squirl033

    White-tailed kite

    There's been a white-tailed kite hanging around near here for the past week or so... these birds are pretty uncommon in Washington, usually only seen once or twice a year, and it's been several years since there were any reported, so it was fun to get some shots of this one! It's a second-year...
  7. squirl033

    Kinglet having lunch (6)

    Spent a nice sunny afternoon along a trail near home today, and came away with this sequence of a male ruby-crowned kinglet having lunch. These little guys almost never sit still, but they do have to slow down to eat... This one landed on a twig about 20 feet away from me in perfect light, and...
  8. squirl033

    A golden (crowned kinglet) sort of day

    Went to a nearby wildlife refuge this afternoon to check on a great horned owl's nest... mom was still sitting, and refused to show herself. Got some creepers and wrens and butterbutts, then stopped at Hawks Prairie on the way home. Jackpot! Found a most cooperative male gold-crowned kinglet...
  9. squirl033

    Gold crowned kinglet

    This has been my "nemesis bird" for several years, as I have tried without success to get a decent photo of one. Yesterday, I found a flock of them bouncing around in the branches of some small evergreens near a pond, and this one landed on a branch about 10 feet in front of me and actually sat...
  10. squirl033

    My first saw-whet owl

    Got my first saw-whet owl on Sunday... had never even seen one before, so this was a real treat. Tiny little fellas, for sure!
  11. squirl033

    Another kestrel

    The winter overcast got a bit brighter today, so I went out in search of something to shoot.. came across this little lady perching on a power line and scanning the grass below for supper... Seems all the kestrels I've seen lately are females... wonder where the guys are? Probably out having a...
  12. squirl033

    Snowy owl

    Another snowy owl photo from a trip up north yesterday... It was sitting on a rooftop, so much more visible than last time I saw it. I'd have preferred a more "natural" setting, but the light was much better this time around, and the owl much closer, so I was happy to get this one...
  13. squirl033

    Painted bunting

    This seems to be the year for unusual visitors to the Seattle/Puget Sound area. We've had a young hooded oriole, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, a swallow-tailed gull, and now a painted bunting! These colorful little birds are native to the deep south, breeding in the southeastern US and wintering...
  14. squirl033

    Dragonflies in flagrante delicto

    Oops, duplicate thread... sorry!
  15. squirl033

    Dragonflies in flagrante delicto

    A pair of blue darners goin' at it on a cattail at a local park... "telemacro" image shot with Tamron 150-600 lens at 350mm from about 6 feet away...
  16. squirl033

    A very brazen snipe

    A few shots of a very cooperative Wilson's snipe at my favorite "bird park"... this little guy was not shy at all! Came out, casually strolled by not 15 feet away, foraged for a while, posed a few times, and gave me about 45 minutes of uninterrupted close-ups. I actually left before the snipe...
  17. squirl033

    Cooperative rail

    This Virginia rail was very cooperative, coming out of hiding and giving me numerous photo ops this afternoon at my favorite "bird park". These birds are normally very shy and reclusive, and don't often come out in the open like this...
  18. squirl033

    A VERY rare opportunity!

    There's been a swallow-tailed gull hanging out in this area for about a week, which has birders from all over the country all a-twitter. People have been coming to see it from as far away as Illinois and Florida. The reason? This gull is native to the Galapagos Islands, and has only seen twice...
  19. squirl033

    Black merlin

    Went to the park again this morning, to get the merlin in some better light (i.e. not backlit), and it more than cooperated... the first one will likely be in my bird calendar next year.
  20. squirl033

    A very cooperative yellowlegs (7)

    I was photographing pelicans the other day, when this greater yellowlegs flew in and let me get within 30 feet or so to shoot it for 20 minutes while it foraged along the edge of a channel. It was joined by a second one that seemed to act like a youngster, following the first bird around and...