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  1. nf1

    Bird Yoga

    Did you know that Grey Herons practice yoga?
  2. nf1

    Purple & Gold

    No idea what's the name of the "flower" but I do liked its looks.
  3. nf1


    I quite enjoy Wildlife photography and birding in particular so I'll be sharing some of my photos as I progress in the area. As usual - Constructive Comments and Critique are Welcome :)
  4. nf1

    Portraits with small light modifiers

    I've just finished a test of two small portable light modifiers for my blog and wanted to share the images I got. Constructive comments and critiques are welcome. The modifiers used are quite small and portable: The first two images are with 30 cm (12") Octabox. The second two are with...
  5. nf1

    Vibrant Portrait Poster

    Hello - new guy here and would like some feedback on a portrait composition I made. All constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks to everybody in advance for taking the time to comment.
  6. nf1

    Hello from Kiril in Toronto, Canada

    Hello The Photo Forum. Just joined and want to introduce myself. I'm Kiril and I am from Toronto, Canada. I'm passionate about photography as a hobby and so far I've posted my photos on flickr and 500px. Recently I took a leap of faith and started my own photography equipment online store. I'm...