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  1. mnmcote

    Gabby II

    Damn!! Love it.. Makes me wanna swipe the card for that lens... Awesome as always...
  2. mnmcote

    "Alice In Colour & BW..."

    I like both of them! :") I love that Alice has more separation from the background in the B&W. And her eyes are more stunning in the color shot.. I think a darker background in the color shot would have been awesome... Again.. I like 'em both.. Depends on what you are looking for I guess..
  3. mnmcote

    2019-20 Basketball.

    I use a zoom and a wide lens shooting basketball. I like to fill the frame when I'm hunting a particular athlete, trying to be mindful all the time of how I can edit and crop a finished shot. Many times, I'm just chasing the action... Depends on wether I'm shooting offense or defense too.. When...
  4. mnmcote

    High School Basketball shot...

    Yep! most of the kids just want the pics for their social media accounts ... :")
  5. mnmcote

    High School Basketball shot...

    One of my favorite shots from this game...
  6. mnmcote

    2019-20 Basketball.

    I'm still trying to perfect my timing for these shots... :")
  7. mnmcote


    I had a bobcat stroll by me in the field this afternoon... I'm still pouring over pictures... :"p
  8. mnmcote


    I wan't truly happy with the sunny pics at mid day so I went black and white as well.... Been awhile since I've shared for some critique...
  9. mnmcote

    Dressage horse

    i see what you mean about those pesky lines... Most likely from the scanner. i'm thinking you boosted the shadows a bit much. i too would dial back the the highlights some more and then look at the amounts of white and black in the photo. I'd even hit the contrast just a wee bit and then reduce...
  10. mnmcote


    This Loon was definitely showing off his fishing skills to me...
  11. mnmcote

    Sunset Candid

    Lovely shot indeed.. I've liked to be able to pop a lil more sparkle in the eyes and smooth the face just a tad... but that's my preference... not everyone likes being photoshop'd tho... :)
  12. mnmcote

    Post some of your Sport photos.

    I grabbed this shot a few nights ago at a High School baseball game... Thought it was interesting that the catcher jumped up and away instead of on top of the runner... But it looked cool just the same...
  13. mnmcote


    I got a close up of a hen with my Point and Shoot... I called it my portrait of a hen...
  14. mnmcote

    The Color Orange

  15. mnmcote


    Awesome!! I'd love to just see that.. never mind actually getting pictures! :)
  16. mnmcote


    Good ones... I especially like the first one!!
  17. mnmcote

    Trying out Landscapes

    Love the Frost the best... Great works...
  18. mnmcote

    location, location, location....

    I did choose to crop the first one off to the side some... I plan to get some test prints made of various edits. I'll give the exposure another go when I edit again... Thanks for the C & C... much appreciated..
  19. mnmcote

    location, location, location....

    Strange how one can drive over one side if a mountain to see a ton of brilliant fall foliage colors only to head over to the other side where the leaves an some maples are just beginning to turn.... A lot of variables out there in the world...