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  1. Jasii

    Anyone used a Canon T3i

    I have one and all my pics are from the T3i :) I feel I still have not outgrown it. Rgds,
  2. Jasii

    Another bad day to be a mouse (NSFML)

    These are exceptionally high quality images and speak very highly of your prowess and grit to be there in the midst of all the action capturing all patiently. Kudos & serious accolades mate!
  3. Jasii

    It was the strangest of sensations.

    What an imagination? Some Yarn Spinner you are !!!:1219: Cheers! Jasii
  4. Jasii

    Gray Ghost

    Thank you for the revertal.
  5. Jasii

    Returning from Seoul...

    Glad you got a seat with a clean window. :) The last one is trumps. Rgds, Jasii.
  6. Jasii

    Cormorant Troubles

    Nice one! especially looks so much better when viewed in large size. That splash from the line trail adds a fine touch. Kudos mate. Rgds, Jasii.
  7. Jasii

    Gray Ghost

    That is a nice pretty shot. Just a Q please: Did you work on the bg in post? Rgds, Jasii.
  8. Jasii

    Cacique from Colombia

    The first is a lovely shot with that emerald like eye shining nice and bright. The 2nd one has some visible noise. Rgds, Jasii
  9. Jasii

    December 2015 POTM Winner

    Heartfelt well deserved Congratulations! Cheers! Jasii
  10. Jasii

    Colour, Saturation and the Common Tomato (Pt 1)

    Woah Thanks Tim. Will take a while to digest if at all I can. :)
  11. Jasii

    Event Photo - Balloon on a Phone

    Cool and great presence of mind. :)
  12. Jasii

    Airesflex still lives!

    Handsome dude of a camera that and the pics shows it can deliver too. Cheers!
  13. Jasii

    My little chickadee/male hairy woodpecker

    Considering the low light, you did mighty well and viewed from different light these look like 2 different birds from the beak ie. :)
  14. Jasii

    ***NSFW*** Portrait for your C&C if you please!

    Worth more than a quick glance for sure ;) was visualising the pic sans the shoes and I guess I liked that a wee bit more. :) Cheers! Jasii
  15. Jasii

    Red Breasted Merganser

    The 2nd one, with it's head under water is a charmer for sure.
  16. Jasii

    The solitary walker

    Thank you for stopping by with your views. I am a dud when it comes to PS and the like. Let me give it a try and revert.
  17. Jasii

    The solitary walker

    Point taken. Thank you. :)
  18. Jasii

    The solitary walker

    windows screenshot
  19. Jasii

    Recent seascapes!

    Stunning shots from someone long used to acclaim. ;) Loved them all, each having a story of it's own. Kept looking at the solitary figure in 1 again and again. TFS. Rgds, Jasii
  20. Jasii

    Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron

    Abso Classic!